Discussion on Living Income Guaranteed

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How will Democracy change with L.I.G.?

Maite Zamora Moreno

How would Equality of Opportunity affect Political Participation?

Robert Starsi

Wide spread access to internet and telecommunication technology in a system supported by Living Income will allow for real-time participation of citizens within voting, rating or contributing to political/state management decisions.

I am looking forward to a system where I can see and participate online within how the state is managing resources and making decisions that affect us all. This would certainly be possible when the living necessities, like proper internet access - which in this day and age definitely is a living necessity - will be provided for all.

Bella Bargilly

Equal Opportunity means more people that are willing to participate and have their voice heard, and it also means that more people will actually understand what they are voting for. More educated people, thus more advanced society, we can then in fact evolve our civilization = ourselves, instead of only having a machine evolution while HUMANITY is devolving...

Also the points of transparency, equal access, voting for principles and policies and not for 'leaders'.
In other words, with LIG we will actually have the chance to restore democracy to what it should it - and stop the mockery that it is today.

Viktor Persson

With Living Income Guaranteed we will be able to select leaders based on their merits as leaders – and not have them force-fed to us by corporations – that only place these people in power to be able to secure profits.

I mean – with Living Income corporations won't have to do that because there will be enough for everyone – and we can drop the deceit, and manipulation-tactics – because real honest work will actually pay off!