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Do you agree that all citizens should be shareholders of a country's basic resources?

Maite Zamora Moreno
Anna Brix Thomsen

Yes I agree. In fact this proposal makes complete sense and it is astounding that we have lived for all these years simply accepting corporate entities to 'own' the resources that in fact doesn't 'naturally' belong to anyone. We have simply accepted ourselves as wageslaves 'selling' our labor when in fact this is simply a system that could be changed and doesn't have to be this way. It also makes sense from the perspective that corporations are in no way taking responsibility for protecting the ecosystems of the earth and therefore they shouldn't have a right to claim ownership over the resources. When the resources are nationalized and 'we the people' are equal shareholders we can instead become guardians of the earth and the resources and actually support both our planet and ourselves to thrive because no one is taking more than what they need. I would actually say that this proposal is a vital and imperative step in restoring the equilibrium of the planet. Because as we can see; we can't trust the corporations or the politicians to care for the best interests of the whole.

Bella Bargilly

I agree with Anna, really cool perspective.
The nationalization of resources will also psychologically support the citizens of a country and will enhance responsibility and strength. This would also take away much of the fear and the sensation of powerlessness that many currently have due to the monopolization of resources through corporations.

Renee Sjansee

Yes to start!

Indeed ALL Earth citizens should be shareholders of ALL Earth's resources.
But let us start by countries as an example.

All the best to everyone!

False Prophet

I believe that all citizens are shareholders of a countries basic resources. The government is supposed to be our consensus on the allocation of those resources for the betterment of the people.