Discussion on Living Income Guaranteed

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How do you feel about your Human Rights being cared for?

Maite Zamora Moreno

Should the Economy be in service of Human Rights or should human livelihoods adapt to the Economy?

Bella Bargilly

Should the Economy be in service of Human Rights or should human livelihoods adapt to the Economy? Well, in the current system human livelihood is forced to adapt to the economy and if you are not able to, you are left to struggle. This is far from human rights. On the contrary, we have an economic system where profit is placed before life.
Therefore I support that the economy must be in service of Human Rights, and that life must be placed before profit.

Adam Closs

A future world system that was founded on the common sense principle of all humans assisting and supporting each other - as articulated in fundamental human rights - to work towards establishing such a change - I find this an exciting prospect, and I see it as a worthwhile and essential endeavour for Humanity and for all life.

Kelly Posey

Obviously the Economy should be in service of Human Rights - I mean, we made the system so, it doesn't make sense that we would then have to serve the system we created, to the extent of compromising and sacrificing our livelihoods. The system is really meant to assist ourselves with facilitating our lives, yet it is only functioning to do that for a very small minority of the population, because we've let the rules of the system, which is the law, be set in favor of a small minority to the detriment of all the rest. It's about time we care for ourselves and value ourselves enough to guarantee our Human Rights by re-aligning our economy in support of Human Rights for everyone, rather than against it for most.