Discussion on Living Income Guaranteed

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Do you agree with Teachers only receiving a Living Income?

Maite Zamora Moreno
Bella Bargilly

This is an awesome perspective, great read!
I agree, a teacher's work is very delicate and crucial in the children's development process; it should thus be done as a 'calling', out of passion and based on one's talent/ability to connect/communicate with and effectively support children in their education, not only in terms of school subjects and vocabulary but also in terms of developing an effective personal character and social skills.

Anna Brix Thomsen

When I first heard about this proposal, I was hesitant towards agreeing with it, perhaps because I am a teacher myself. However when I look at 'who' it is that become teachers today, it is often people who select this vocation because it is considered as 'easy money' and not as a vocation selected because people are genuinely passionate about teaching. The consequences of this are actually much more devastating than we imagine - because teachers stand as direct examples to children and as we all know, it is very difficult to learn from someone who is just parroting the same information over and over. Very few people have been 'lucky' enough to actually experience a teacher who was passionate about their work. And if you are one of them, you know the difference and how enjoyable and easy it is to learn from someone who is not only passionate about teaching, but who also have the skills and flair for it. So with this proposal we can ensure that only those who truly are passionate about teaching, people with life-experience who can stand as examples - will be teaching children. And this is important because it is through education that we are shaping the human of tomorrow and thus the world in itself.


Kelly Posey

Sure. When considering that the living income will be enough to live a comfortable life, having teachers only receive the basic income could be an effective way to ensure that only those who really want to do would be in that profession, as it really is so important, as the children are the future, they become the adults in this world, so teachers have a fundamental role in creating and shaping the future, and as such, is a position that should be revered and respected to the utmost. Much like how the position of 'President' is, although that is a position that tries to deal with what we've already become as adults. So I would suggest we test this out with having teachers only receive the Basic Income, and then if we found that to be not effective, then reassess.