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Where did you hear about L.I.G.

Maite Zamora Moreno

How were you first introduced to the concept of a Living or Basic Income system?

Sheng Tenllo

From Equal Money System videos on Desteni EspaƱol youtube channel

Adele Caskey
Robin Ketelaars

First noticed Basic Income in 1976, i read about it, don't know where, but it clicked with me. It has been away for years, but in 2005 i became webmaster of the Dutch association of Basic Income. This association is now 22 years old. It is an open and democratic association.

Since 2011 i am member of the European Citizens'Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income. Where at this time 22 of the 28 European countries have delegations in this Citizens initative to promote investigation of the Basic Income as means to abolish poverty and to maintain social inclusion.

More of the Initiative can be read via http://basicincome2013.eu

We need 1 million votes before 14th of januari 2014. When we succeed, the European Parliament is obliged to discuss the item of Basic Income and advise national parliaments to do this also.

The history on Basic Income can be found here: http://basicincome.org/bien/aboutbasicincome.html
It starts with the humanists More (1516) and Vives (1526)

Eleonora Gozzini

Thanks Robin for writing this post on our forum. While we are aware that the proposal has been existing for many years we believe many have not been able to fathom how it could become a reality and how it would affect every field of our lives. This is why we are writing blogs to cover that aspect so that the many like you who have been passionate about the topic may have a common platform where to come and discuss the practical implementation of this new system that will grant to All the Basic and sadly forgotten Human Right to a Dignified Life. Where are you collecting votes? Please post the link here.

Viktor Persson

I was first made aware of it through the Equal Life Foundation, and in various blogs that I've read.

Avery Williams

Can you imagine a world where all are treated Equal?