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Why do you Support a Living Income?

Maite Zamora Moreno

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Leila Zamora Moreno

The implementation of a Living Income Guaranteed is the only natural step / outflow in terms of sticking to our commitments such as standing by the Declaration of Human Rights. I support a Living Income as part of supporting Human Rights.

Bella Bargilly

I support a Living Income because without one's basic needs met, one cannot be an effective human being in this world and participate in society in a way that will also support society. So, given the fact that in our current system money determines the quality of life and the opportunities one has in life, I support a Living Income as a way towards equal opportunity and quality of life for All. In fact, a living income should be a human right - because without income you cannot participate in this reality and sustain yourself and your family, and unfortunately the current system does not make the basics available to all, thus not everyone can given themselves a foundation for a life in dignity. A Living Income would be that foundation - an equal life foundation.

Arvydas Platakis

I support Living Income Guaranteed because it is an all inclusive model where no one is left out, but everyone is supported together ensuring the sustainability of this support

Christine Hansen

I support Living Income Guaranteed because by providing a living income for every being on earth, the fear of survival will be eliminated and then humans can focus on real, practical solutions for the abuse that has been accepted and allowed through our inability to take action as we have been so preoccupied with just making ends meet, fearing that those needs won't be met, and thus creating consequences on earth.

Blaž Velušček

I realize on a very personal level that certain people are very, very, willing to contribute to the overall well-being of every living creature, but the problem is that some do it in ways that are not immediately, short term, recognised as such. And they're willing to perform, investigate, explore their chosen areas regardless of how much they're paid for doing this. Which can unfortunately result in responses, such as "Look at him - we pay him nothing and he's still doing it", which is, years later, replaced with "What a pity that he died, he could have done so much more if he got the support he deserved" when that person dies. Newsflash - the reason I want money (which is current method of existential support) is not because it will make me put more effort into whatever I'm doing, but because I don't want to get sick or die. Which are two separate things and should be recognised as such. Also, the world's human population is not divided into "useful" and "lazy" people, but into "useful", "lazy" and "HARMFULL". There are many people that would serve humanity much better by spending their entire time playing videogames and eating potato chips than by being forced to earn their living by doing what they are doing right now.

Talamon Joseph Berta

I support Basic Income, because I've recognized that the real value is Life what on earth as physical bodies we are: requires to nurture with food, shelter, basic education and health care, without that the children as ourselves are unable to nurture to their fullest potential and actually enjoy being themselves and I've traveled in quite some countries wherein I've experienced extreme poverty, what I see, we all humans are equally responsible for, especially within the currently existing 'civilization' wherein we actually can investigate, see what is really going on, so then there is no excuse that 'I did not know' - and the decision to actually, practically do something leads to the realization of the necessity within the current capitalistic system for a Basic Life-care for everyone granted equally, to start manifesting the actual, practical Unconditional Love, what everyone is preaching about meanwhile with basic math we can manifest if we form a group all as equal as one on this point - Basic Income is that practicality wherein each citizen has guaranteed Life-support unconditionally with the principle of "give as you would like to receive".

Kelly Posey

I support a Living Income because simply life does not have to be the slavery it has become, and I see that we are in a downward spiral that leads to our demise if we don't change what we're doing here. I see the potential for humanity and life here on earth and I won't accept anything less. I would like to see what we can reach in our potential, but we'll never get there if we don't sort out the problem of trapping ourselves in slavery to work our whole lives for a few people's profit, at the expense of our ecosystem and our health and wellbeing. I see that LIG is a practical solution that we can implement that will give us all the support we need to be able to sort out our world and be able to live fulfilling lives where there is real reward from our labor that comes back to ourselves and benefits our world, instead of just being another cog in the wheel of our own destruction.

Sandy Jones

I support Living Income Guarantee because it is the only solution I have found in which ALL people on this earth will benefit. While I was assisting a few people in my neighborhood lately, I realized if LIG were in place, neither would be facing the dilemma they currently must face-basically alone, their futures quite bleak. I then realized I must stop focusing my attention on the individual tragedies before me, (of course assist when I can practically) as in one case at a time, and put my mind/time/effort back into the the macro-whole, which is changing the very foundation of our world money system by working toward a permanent solution for all, not just charity for a few, = LIG.

Viktor Persson

I support the LIG because it would allow me to do what it is that I am really passionate about, which is being creative – doing music – writing.

In this current system I am forced to make decisions according to survival as how I am able to make money – and that is obviously very limiting.

Kristina Salas

I support a Living Income because to me it makes sense to support people in this world - to have money as a foundation of care for life instead of a weapon of fear and control. I see no reason as to why we cannot change how we exist on Earth - why we cannot change how we use money and the value it has in our lives. I see it would not only support me and my family and the rest of humanity - but also all other life forms on earth that are currently being abused due to our current accepted ways and use of money in this world.

Why wouldn't I support a Living Income? When we no longer exist in fear of survival, we remove the inherent fear and distrust we have towards our world and each other - there will be more peace, more prosperity, more cooperation and so all together a more well-being expression of all on earth.

There is absolutely no common sense reason for poverty, homelessness, starvation, lack of health care, lack of education, lack of jobs even and so lack of the ability to survive. We have come far enough in realizing we have the ability to eradicate in our world, all that does not support people and other life forms to exist.

Kirill Hallmond

I support a Living Income Guarantee because I want the entirety of this world to have the opportunity to realize how perfect it would be to live a life where no longer separation exists but only that of equality and oneness.