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How would your life change if a Living Income was Guaranteed?

Maite Zamora Moreno

Please share your perspectives.

Bella Bargilly

Oh my, I would be free to expand my horizon and not be limited by working to make a living. I would no longer feel like I am wasting my time working to ensure my survival, because working will then be a point of self-expression and of contribution to society / the world.
The fear for survival and the anxiety connected to finding a job / losing a job / keeping a job: would no longer exist. In fact, for the first time personal freedom will exist. I would for instance have the freedom and luxury to really explore my talents and abilities and do what I am passionate about.
That would also be the best contribution I could make to my world as well, I am sure all can agree on this. I am certain that a L.I.G. system will enhance the quality of the professional field to a great extent.

I find the fear and anxiety point is really much bigger than we'd like to admit, it's just become so 'normal' that we tend to take it for granted and rather 'ignore' it, because we accept that 'this is how things are'.
Once that fear for survival is no longer 'needed' and you are not bound to a certain 9 to 5 job just to ensure your survival and feed your children, there's so much more you can do, you can educate yourself further, you can meet new social networks and get to know new things, you can find out what you are good at and how you can best contribute to your world, society, your own life. You can make your passion your profession. This would be a huge gain on both the personal and the societal level.

Christine Hansen

Having a living income would guarantee that my retirement years would be provided for. I have actually reached the age of retirement, of 62 yrs., yet I am unable to retire as I do not have enough money that I would received through social security to support me.

I therefore must work at least until I am 66 to insure I have money to retire on and even then my future is uncertain as the amount is still low.

Having a living income that is enough to meet my needs, would relieve me of the uncertainty of my future.

False Prophet

I can honestly say that my life would change little - money to me is a matter of influence more than a matter of necessity, though I would have more resource and support to pursue my wish (I wish to leave this world a better place than I found it).

I feel that I am always working for a living, just some of my work is acknowledged and some is not. My current objective is to attract a bee hive to my house. The honey bee is an endangered species that requires specific care.

Having the support of an international organisation would have huge benefit.

Leila Zamora Moreno

So False Prophet, having a guaranteed income would allow you to spend more time on hobbies / interests other than work?

Viktor Persson

Wow, my life would change drastically – I would change my line of work, I would change where I live – I would change decisions for my future and these would instead of being based on survival, be based on what I see I am actually good at doing, where I can contribute, where I can gift of myself in this world in such a way that I as well as others expand.

Really, I am convinced that all of us have unique talents and abilities that in our current system are wasted – because we can't focus on living ourselves, we instead have to focus on survival.

I would love to live in a system where there was a Living Income Guarantee – every single day would be my "best" day.

Avery Williams

Who would we be if we never worried about not having enough Money ?