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Would you still work under a L.I.G. system?

Maite Zamora Moreno

Some say that money is the only motivation to work - what is your perspective?

Anna Brix Thomsen

Yes of course! Working and developing oneself and one's skills and abilities and collaborating with others can be awesome and enjoyable. I certainly wouldn't want to sit on the couch all day doing nothing. And when work is no longer connected to survival - I could actually do the things I've always dreamed of doing and that I've never been able to because i had to focus on surviving first and foremost. There are so many things I would like to try and it would be awesome to be in a work environment where everyone works together to create the best products or develop the best possible solutions - instead of having to worry about budget cuts and lay offs!

Leila Zamora Moreno

I agree with Anna -- the moment I have some free time I can't help myself but get busy. It's natural for us to explore and participate in our environment, and from that perspective it thus makes sense to take up some form of employment to contribute to society when I have the time and space to do so. Especially knowing that there's a Basic Income Guaranteed having my back, I would allow myself to explore many venues and not limit myself to 'what would make me money'. I think work would also become a much more enjoyable experience once the fear factor / survival factor has been eliminated.

Gian Robberts

Money is their only motivator currently, because the humans have been brainwashed to make it like that, for instance in school we are being taught about how to only make money once we are out of school, its always about money,so in a basic Income guarantee where money will be given to those that does not have money YET they will be supported, school can focus more on developing real LIFE skills that will become peoples motivation to apply themselves and their skills, because they actually enjoy it, like i would would greatly enjoy it to have the skills of how to take care of nature and everything in nature without worrying about where money will come from, and then i can actually do that for a life time and really commit without the worry of being fired because there is a money shortage.but now people have to do jobs that is pointless and still earn less then whats required to give one persona basic life with all basic needs met. so YES I would work with what i actually enjoy, such as nature and animals and creating environments that is supportive for all life.

Bella Bargilly

I would finally be able to work as self expression, doing something out of passion, as a contribution to my world, to myself, to life. I am certain that all professions will gain in quality once a Basic Income is guaranteed.

Kelly Posey

Absolutely I would. In fact, there would be so much more incentive and interest for me to work, because I would actually get an effective compensation for it. Who really cares about a job that isn't paying enough that you are doing out of absolute necessity to survive? Nobody wants to be doing that, so what we have today is massive disincentive to work. Proper remuneration will provide lots of incentive, even if you're doing a job that you don't really prefer, at least you're making enough money that it is worth your while.

With LIG you would even be freed up to get more education/skills training to find work that is more meaningful and therefore fulfilling and more suited to your particular strengths, not having to just choose what you can get, which if you are 'unskilled' or lack degrees is typically your undesirable service jobs much of which is not well suited for manual human labor but could be greatly automated, freeing up even more individuals to participate in more meaningful work that is greatly needed to be done, such as sorting out our environment and stabilizing our ecosystem to effectively support life in a sustainable way.

Sandy Jones

Yes, I would definitely work. In fact I would feel more free to do something I had not tried before and so be open to it being like an adventure because the stress and pressure- of simply relying on wages to decide what work I do- would be gone!
I have worked mostly in commercial sales and childcare throughout my life and currently I use my home to make income by having ELS (english language students) as boarders.
However, I really enjoy music, physical labour, cleaning-organizing-designing-decorating living spaces.
I enjoy writing music and writing my blogs so I could possibly contribute as a journalist. I may even have the courage to try politics, who knows, or assist others with addictions, as a councelor. I would experience more freedom to take a course as well, so skies the limit really.
For certain, I would feel less limitation/restriction and experience more freedom to explore myself, my abilities, push myself if there was LIG in place, as I would not be held back by financial circumstances!

Rebecca Dalmas

Or course I would work. I mean look at children, they explore, the organize, the try things, they experiment. Is this not work? The natural movement of the human form is "work" in many ways.
A lack of this, is suppression, which is often because of little and limited opportunity. The opportunity is here, as this earth. Human consequence reveals the mis-take, not the nature.

Viktor Persson

I would continue working – I mean – I can't just lay back and do nothing! That would be BORING – I am here on this earth and thus I want to explore and develop skills and abilities and see what I am able to create and contribute within.

So, no I would absolutely not stop working.