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Equal Money System ?

Nikos Tsakiris

Hi , i’ve translated in greek the FAQ placed in equalmoney.org and have began translating the equal money proposal . The English text length is about 80 pages .

But today i learned that the Equal Life Foundation is not focusing on the EMS anymore but on the LIG . I’ve just read the LIG proposal placed in livingincome.me . If I understand correctly , it is similar to the BIG proposal in equalmoney.org .

Is the equal money system no longer relevant ? Is the LIG the step towards the EMS ?

I ask because I want to do translations so that you can place them in equalmoney.org or in livingincome.me etc. Because I do not have any successful blog that people can find and read about in greek .

What to translate first ? Thanks .

Maite Zamora Moreno

Hi Nikos,

That's great to hear!

Yes, at the moment we are focusing on the Living Income Guaranteed proposal as a stepping stone towards further change. There are many variations of proposals that seek to guarantee an income for everyone, such as 'UBI' (Unconditional basic income) or 'BIG' (Basic Income Guarantee). LIG is the proposal we are standing behind within this discussion as a sustainable way to implement a guaranteed income for all, considering however still the limitations of the current system. We see it as 'a step in the right direction'.

It would be great to have translations of the proposal in different languages, so yes - if you're up for translating the LIG proposal to Greek, that would be most appreciated.


Leila Zamora Moreno

Hey Nikos,
If you're up for translating the LIG proposal, please send us an email at livingincome@equallife.org so we can send you the proposal in an editable form, which will make it easier for us to then later publish it as a pdf.

If you'd like to set up a blog to share LIG material and related info and need some help, let us know ;-)

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!!