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The Venus Project - Resource Based Economy

KD Churchill

Your solutions are closely aligned with a volunteer org I am apart of - www.theVenusProject.com we ought to be sharing ideas and learning from one another. Our proposal is to eliminate money all together as AI and robotics can basically solve all major stressors of todays hurting world.

However I see your proposal as a good Stepping stone via the channels already in place via money, politics, business, etc etc..... as re-educating the population on what a total global redesign with no money, no competition, no scarcity, no war, no business, no politics and no need to win will take a long long time - people really do get addicted to there brought up cultural beliefs

I look forward to you guys reading more from us and us reading more from you and everyone moving towards the 1,000 year goal of modern society to be free from the kings, queens and those with money having control paradigm to the global sharing economy where all people benefit.

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Fully agree with you, we also see RBE and many other solutions as necessary proposals so that we can all gear toward solution-based mindset way from the ongoing trend of crisis and decay. We also propose LIG system as an interim step toward major changes, beginning with the provision of a living income/ basic income.

Thank you for coming by and sharing! We are all in this together :)

Yogan Wayra Zadronzny Barrientos

Hi KD Churchill - yes I would say that not only our two organizations are aligned but also the majority of people are too. I am personally surprised that things are not moving faster, where we come together to give to ourselves that which we need, which is immediate access to money, atm, to get a secure/reliable access to the living necessities, food, housing, medical, etc...

So yeah like Marlen is saying that we are supporting LIG because it was designed as a stepping stone, alleviating the immediate pains and needs right now. Because the truth is that most people are stressed, enveloped and distracted within the survival of money, whether it be to pay for credit card debts, or for the month's rent/mortgage. So the idea is that through LIG, this would open people's time, and so give them the leisure to consider more grander and needed changes, that make things even better for everyone. Like a world where no one has to work, thanks to technology, is one such awesome route.

In the end it's whatever practically will work. I am a math kind of guy, so I do follow things rather logically, in a cold-hearted numbers kind of way. So your point KD Churchill that people will need a long time to change how they are, and their cultural belief is so true. Challenging even 1 belief already raises a hell-storm. And now you want to challenge 10? That is difficult. But you can divide 10 into 1s, and so we only take one point at a time. That is really the best, and what I see as the only route (thanks to my math mindset). So we start small, get some movement and traction. If there is a stepping stone to LIG even, that might be worth looking at too. So we are very open when it comes to ideas and perspectives. Let's just keep it cold and calculating, and practical, which will match my taste.

Let's keep it fun too. I always enjoy some creative moves here and there. Perhaps an online movement or campaign that both organizations can get behind? Whether it be exposing the human condition on an economical and survival level, or else. I am sure there is something that can help move the point along and bring together the people that are needed to get things done. To a successful outcome for everyone! Cheers.