Discussion on Living Income Guaranteed

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Fines, Debt as they relate to L.I.G.

Tyler Skinner-Rosenberg

Something that has gained some attention in the media lately is debtors' prisons i.e. jails for people who do not pay something as simple as a traffic fine. My question is: while a living income guarantee would be sufficient to cover basic costs of living, how would that interact with something like traffic tickets? If the L.I.G. includes traffic fines, there is clearly a problem here with enabling crime.

What would be the mechanism for dealing with traffic tickets if, say, your sole source of income was a living income guarantee?

Here is an article on debtors' prisons in Ferguson, Missouri: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ferguson-sued-grotesque-debtors-prison-lawsuit-article-1.2109381

Leila Zamora Moreno

Hey Tyler,
Generally, traffic tickets are not something anyone is just fine paying if their income level is still quite basic. One could afford it yes, but it would still be inconvenient.
Obviously, if a pattern of abuse becomes apparent, non-monetary consequences would have to be in place where for instance one's driver's license becomes suspended or revoked.