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World Currency

Tyler Skinner-Rosenberg

Does the Equal Life Foundation support a one world (digital) currency?

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Hi Tyler,

In Equal Life Foundation we have principles, not so much preferences about specifics in the system. So, if a one world currency works to implement the principle of what would benefit everyone, then yes. If a one world currency is aimed at creating a form of control left in the hands of a few, then no.

So, in Living Income Guaranteed Proposal, we support the idea of digitizing money, however there's not a clear directive on currencies per se, as that will be a process to walk through by each nation and their democratic decisions to change it/amend it. We work with how things currently are.

Marc Pascal

You and your colleagues are cordially invited to visit this new website:
www.i-globals.org to see how people can collectively create a universal basic income thru a new, fiat, debt-free, complementary, digital currency. If people understand the powerful, existing and interrelated legal-accounting fictions that are money, currency and income, then this venture is straight-forward, legal, creative and quickly achievable. The WGO site is large so the "Overview" page (top red button) is a good summary. Your comments and consideration are appreciated.