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What is the best political system for LIG? Capitalism, Socialism, Communism

Christopher Wells

Hi Guys,

I was wondering which political system is best for LIG? All political systems (ideologies) represent how much the government should own and control resources. Personally, I think capitalism would be the best system to implement LIG because it still gives us freedom. However, I fear it will be the hardest system to allow this program. On the other hand, LIG would be much easier to implement under communism because everybody does what is best for the economy.

Please tell me what you think? Also, please let us know if you are a capitalist, socialist, or communist? Personally, I dance between the three. Some days I like being a capitalist, but other days I prefer to be a communist because it feels awesome that you are part of a massive movement (a team).

Here is Adolf Hitler's famous brown shirt party (music video)

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Here is the funny but cool "Spartakiada" held every five years in the name of Communism.

Guys Version lol :-p

Girls Version

Chris Wells

Josip Buljevic

This is our greatest problem. Politicians have been so irresponsible and there have been no economic plans or long-term structural designs created for the future so that we are facing a systemic implosion. This is the greatest threat to creating something on the grand scale as the collapse of Rome and the emergence of a Mad Max event. This is the consequence of DEFLATION – a far worse fate than HYPERINFLATION. The former results in the Cannibalization of the social structure and fabric that holds everything together as government raises taxes and hunts down capital forcing it into hiding reducing liquidity that remains at about 50% of 2007 levels and the collapse in the Rule of Law that opens the door to legal persecution. The bankers are telling congress that liquidity is low and they need to trade with other people’s money. The government will seize all pension funds as did Argentina. Government has presumed anyone doing anything outside the USA is hiding money and thus they have presumed guilt and are now destroying the global economy. There are those who are desperately trying to undermine our forecasts who are NOT in government but are just low-life greedy people who only see themselves and the hell with the world. They are stupid like government unable to see beyond their own personal self-interest. This is like a bucket of crabs where none escape because each tries to grab on to the one in fron

Maite Zamora Moreno

Hi Chris and Josip,

The Living Income Guaranteed proposal is designed to be implemented in a capitalistic society.

For perspective, I suggest watching the following hangouts:

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Capitalism exists in the image and likeness of human nature – and so, there is not really a way around capitalism at the moment. However – when capitalism cannot guarantee human rights – there is an obvious problem – and that is where LIG comes in.

In terms of the question of which system is best in terms of government involvement – capitalism, socialism, communism – the problem with each of these systems is how the government supposedly represents the interests of the people – yet, within the manifestation of each of these systems, it has been clear how government power has been abused in the interest of only a few. The channels for popular participation are so few at the moment that we cannot say that government represents ‘the people’.

So – within the Living Income Guaranteed proposal, we suggest to rather empower individuals directly through making each citizen shareholder of ‘national resource’ and ‘human rights’ companies – herein – allowing each citizen to have a direct say in the vision and direction of such companies – while at the same time utilizing the profits of these companies to finance the Living Income Guaranteed. This directly changes the starting point within which individuals participate in the economy – from having to accept any type of job offer to have an income source – to expression, development, creation.

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

When looking at solutions, we have to learn how to see beyond everything that has been known thus far and step outside of the limitations that have been deliberately created to believe that there is only socialism, communism or capitalism or else. Therefore we are not pro communists, nor pro capitalists nor pro socialists. We are proposing a set of alignments required in order to guarantee living rights to every individual through different mechanisms that can in turn support the economy and political participation of the citizens as well. So, right now because capitalism is the system that is most widespread around the world, we take it as the main example of how capitalism can be made functional if these principles in the proposal are applied.

The idea is thus for 'government' to not be a power-holding entity, but only what it always should have been: a management and overseer platform to ensure that everyone's living rights are guaranteed and administrate public affairs that should be at all times open and able to be directed by people through implementation of direct democracy. We've explained this in various hangouts related to politics, because politics is not only 'I vote for a master' and expect things to work out fine. LIG entails political participation, which requires first educating ourselves on the basic mechanisms of how the system operates, deciding how it should operate and everyone become equally responsible to ensure that government is only representing an administrative entity, rather than a unique decision-maker group of people that hold old the power. LIG requires genuine democracy to exist so that we can then precisely Stop blaming politicians for 'being irresponsible' as it was never 'them' in fact that are the problem, but the vast apathy, complacency and lack of education that we haven't taken on in order to become effective political participants.

So, LIG implies a change of mentality when it comes to what politics and government is, because it is quite clear that nothing in the past has actually been a solution for anyone.

Here are some blogs I wrote on the subject:



So, LIG requires ourselves to become the politicians.

Check out our hangouts on these topics as well here:

Yogan Wayra Zadronzny Barrientos

My view is that if LIG is implemented, in whichever type of government, it will benefit the populous and economy as a whole. Its odd that you ask, which situation or set of circumstances will be best for LIG, because no matter the circumstance it is always best to implement LIG. Remember government, the economy, and other institutions, are meant to serve the people. It is a lie to think the other way around, people are meant to serve these institutions. When you serve an institution the idea is that it serves you as well. Otherwise its not beneficial.
Hope this clears up some things.