Discussion on Living Income Guaranteed

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Celebrities and Professional Sports Players

Daniel Malara

Does Living Income Guaranteed address anything related to advertising revenue or the extreme profits that are made by organizations in Hollywood or the NFL, for example?

Maite Zamora Moreno

No – the Living Income Guaranteed doesn’t target the reduction of private profits. The stance of the Equal Life Foundation in relation to the question of ‘extreme’ private profits/wages is that: so long as the existence of such substantial profits and high wages does not compromise the human rights of others - then there is no problem. With LIG, we suggest therefore that a predetermined set of companies that fall under ‘national heritage and human rights resource companies’ are ‘nationalized’ in the sense that the profits would be utilized to fund a Living Income to those who have no other stream of income. This point would guarantee that at all times each person’s needs are met and rights guaranteed. The LIG proposal recognizes the strength of a strong and competitive private sector, where profits function as the primary motivator for individuals and companies to excel – whether it is in sports, movie production or in providing any other product or services to clients.

Changes to NFL and Hollywood that LIG would facilitate, however, would be that more individuals would be able to pursue a career in for instance sports or acting. Making a successful career out of one’s passion is currently a very challenging affair and many forego such a path because of preferring to build a career where financial security is more likely. With LIG – there is no ‘risk’ within pursuing one’s passions as a career – it would no longer be an ‘all-or-nothing game’. Individuals with great talents and potential will therefore start emerging that, without LIG and financial security, would not have dared to dedicate their life to art or sports. So – from that perspective, the expected changes in stadiums and on the big screen will probably be quite sensational.