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What about people who passively support LIG?

Anna Brix Thomsen

My mother agrees with the LIG proposal fully and she says she would vote for it if it was here, but she does not see herself becoming active at all within the movement because she says that she's too old (she's 72). I have spoken with other people who agree with what is proposed but then the buck stops there. I see that not eating meat or turning off the lights at home are quite practical ways that people feel like they're making a difference, whereas for example entering into politics can be quite the daunting experience. So how can someone agree with what is being presented and that the system must change, but then go back to being passive? And how can I assist and support people who say the support, but won't make an active effort? Are there more practical ways that they can get involved on a small scale?

Sandy Jones

This is a cool questions. Maybe some could gather a list of 'Ways to Get Involved with LIG' and we could promote it: Get the Word Out: print business cards and leave them places or hand them out, 'Change/true democracy/end poverty/ALiving Wage (for example): Dont let them tell you it's IM-Possible, go here for solution: LIG'

Maite Zamora Moreno

Hi Anna and Sandy – we will build a page on this website that will outline the various ways in which one can support LIG. However – it is not a must for every person who agrees with the proposal to become an activist as well – this is not for everyone. When push comes to shove – each one’s vote is what will make the eventual difference – and herein spreading the LIG message to individuals that agree but further have no wish towards active support – is very relevant.

As we communicate about LIG, whether with relatives, friends or online – those that do see an active role for themselves can be reached and become part of the group that can actively support the formation of political parties and campaigns around LIG – where points such as stickers and flyers will become more relevant. So – that is the stage where we are at the moment – to inform and educate, as well as form groups of dedicated individuals who are willing to take on the active challenge of entering the political arena.

Talamon Joseph Berta

Great point! Especially about those who are currently surviving in the system as living on - or under - a minimum wage. If they would understand what LIG is about - they would sure support it with a VOTE for it when it comes for the power of democracy - but until that they are might not really in the (financial) position of putting lots of effort of investigation/study/becoming visible as they work in factory or on fields 6 days a week etc.

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem

I have been wondering about this for quite some time, and it have made me choose to leave some friends of min that i found was not interested in particepating in anny of the actually issues of oneness equality that are spaking to me. Or to activly support it. I expect that from this a sollution will come to fill my need of having stimmuli of friendship or awarnews that could also be "active" or activists for LIG. However i imagine that there is much layered hidden in having self confidence or to be stabile in ones journey. Like to add some of the "crazy" (honest stuff) stuff like to sat thanks for the food or the products that one lives by to dear to be different but not daring. And to see that things like friendship and colleages/activist can grow from having a honest opinion or a honesty even. And i am not only talking about withing the LIG crew/people. Also to requite other to be activist and to particepate withing the LIG porposal, or system. I find it clear that many a organisation or political think thank or organisation (that rule the world?) has its sett of values or ideas like do we, withing our LIG system and how it is placed together in a exeptional way. Maybe more facebook pages would help? Clear messages & songs? Change starts within and patience and perceverance is grand. Butt children are suffering by the minute inn the millions. Talking and having relations and connections is much worth. To be active in ones social life and take part in talks and also not be afraide of new arenas, like to go into a pub or into a church or into a libary or whatever to possibly meet that cool connections to someone that could be activist. Maybe it is "defined withing a church or just a that special cofe shop...I have printed out quit some pices of paper with online addressed on it.... I have sendt these out in cafe shops and in bars, to strangers and to people i dont know from before. Maybe it is cool to start with a memebreship type of experience that is relay cool. And honest. Like to be a LIG - er or something like that. One vote for world LIG ? Maybe there could be like a song with it and perhaps short and impressive slogans that could be expressed to many people over short time. - I mean it could be like a hit .. pop culture phenomena(s). A song (or more) that could be sendt out & playing on the site of LIG membership - with acctuall LIG - ers on it. To be a LIG er would mean something ... something cool and honest. - cheers