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How will LIG effect Small business owners? Good, bad, what?

Yogan Wayra Zadronzny Barrientos

According to the LIG, small business owners will have to pay double the salaries for their minimum wage workers. Is this accurate?
Would this not harm my small business, and won't I lose profits?
Thank you in advance.

Mike McDonald

I initially had the same concerns. What I realized though is that by implementing LIG within a country...small business's will generally be more successful because there will be more capital/money available within the general public to spend on services that small businesses provide. So in fact LIG becomes a win/win solution for small business owners and the employees of small business's.

Viktor Persson

Yes exactly Mike,

With the LIG proposal the amount of money in society will increase dramatically, so there will be lot's of opportunities both for big and small business owners to expand their operations, hire new workers, and still have profit in their business.