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Can LIG guarantee a safer world for all?

Michelle Mulcrone

Hi everyone,

I was looking at my life and see how it is so pampered, so comfortable. I live with my parents and they take such good care of me providing me with food and whatever else I need. What is so concerning is not everyone lives like this in the world, not everyone has enough money to live a comfortable life, where parents have enough food and clothes for their child and the child can go to sleep in a warm bed knowing they are safe. I live in a safe neighborhood so I can sleep in peace, but I know many children cannot, and again, this makes me feel really uncomfortable.

So one question I have here is: Can LIG essentially create a safer world for all?

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Hi Michelle

That's a cool consideration of what we should define as security: having money to live well and in dignity - which also in turn would diminish crime since people no longer will have to resort to stealing/cheating and generally having to abuse the system to 'make a living.' This will be possible since Living Income is precisely designed to provide money to everyone that requires it to live, meaning, people that currently have no means of obtaining an income.

A Living Income would also be provided for children and this will ensure that all children no longer are affected by being born into 'poverty' since Living Income focuses on eradicating poverty as well as supporting parents that require the extra support with new members in the family.

It's interesting because this will also allow us as members of society to know that we are being supported by the system to live in dignity, therefore there safer neighborhoods will exist from the perspective of criminality diminishing. However what will be up to us is to then focus on education which will prevent other type of non-money related crimes and violence, which parents will also be able to focus on, once that one is no longer existing only in a survival mode.

So, it would be cool to see how people that have no money generally have 'no voice' in the system to change things, so as you say: if we are the ones that have the time to investigate solutions, and implement them, that's how we can contribute to support others the same way we would like others to do that for us if we were in their shoes. This is how instead of worrying about such situation, we can transform it into practicality, such as investigating on other funds that are provided for children, like Kinder Geld in Germany, and that would be also a cool point to contribute to the ongoing development of how LIG would be provided to children and sharing the investigation on how that has relieved parents in Germany too.

Cool for opening up this topic

Avery Williams

It is amazing that all of us that have all our basic needs met still feel a sense of fear of being poor I wonder does this constant fear lack comes from a system based on lack ?