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How to fund a Living Income Guaranteed in a poor country?

Marjo Prkic-Poorter

The proposal: One way to fund a Living Income Guaranteed is through the nationalization of resources within each country.
I live in Croatia, a poor country which already sold her resources to the "rich countries" like Oil Company, gave licences away for the new build freeway, sold Telecom company, airline comp etc etc. There are many poor people living here, grabbing plastic bottles out of containers. How can they fund a LIG?

Maite Zamora Moreno

It is for most countries so that their resources have been sold off as the international community and institutions like IMF and the World Bank were making privatization a condition to receive funds within the idea or belief that it would benefit the economy most - so many countries are in a position where they have privatized a lot of companies/resources that were previously publicly owned.

So, with LIG, we suggest to, in a way, reverse this process, yet to not make the same mistakes as last time - through also implementing other structural changes as well as not placing the resources in the hands of the government, but the people themselves. Because, it is about time that we stop doing this swinging motion throughout history of first privatizing and then nationalizing, back and forth - but to now come to a new formula that curbs the problems experienced in the two cases - which Living Income Guaranteed represents.