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How will LIG be sett to life, to relaity?

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem

I wonder how LIG will accully be granted, to life to everyone, gradually, in the different nations. Will the rich countries go first? Will the government of the different countries simply copy the LIG proposal ? Or how will it take place? I am one vote for LIG - Tormod

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Hi Tormod, cool question. It will all depend on which nations first decide to adopt the living income model as a form of social security along with all the other suggested economic adjustments to make it a reality. So, if we see the trend at the moment, European countries already show more interest and are more aware of the benefits that providing a basic income/ living income creates. Switzerland at the moment seems to be the spearhead and most likely to apply it first and from there - according to its effectiveness - the model can be copied by other nations, it will all depend on how it operates and this is why the LIG proposal is not only including the provision of a basic income but also giving the entire set of suggested economic and political adjustments that can make the provision of a basic income a sustainable manner to provide social security in a nation, specified to the Nation's economy and capability to sustain a Living Income model.

The 'How' it will be implemented will be through political parties or by presenting it to the current governments. However we suggest that first we educate ourselves and everyone else about the benefits and potentials that the provision of a basic income/ living income creates in a nation, so that once that you have sufficient amount of people aware of the solution, political parties can be formed that have LIG as their core proposal. So the plan is to make of LIG a democratically elected solution through voting for the implementation of this solution either through a political party placed in office or voting for the proposal to be implemented as an economic reform to be implemented as an upgrade to an existing social security system in each country, meaning, as a solution suggested by the governments that are already in place

So, the implementation will also vary from country to country and their development of democracy, political awareness and/or support toward the idea of a basic income to then consider the Living Income Guaranteed model as the way to make of basic income a sustainable economic solution to guarantee the public's human rights.

Let us know if you got any other questions around this point and if it's now clear to you - thanks

Viktor Persson

We require to bring the proposal to the political arena – and this requires marketing and placing ourselves out there and also placing the proposal out there for all to see – and to do this we can use the INTERNET and the possibilities it provide to reach out to a mass of people fast and effectively.

Thus, what you can practically apply for yourself, is to dedicate some of your time towards spreading the message, write blogs, do vlogs, put it out there – and let others know that there is another way of structuring our economic system.