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How I change the world around me.

False Prophet

A few things must be understood here as context.
1. I have the support of the traditional council and the chief of Tshwane.
2. I have obvious ability with spiritual (Quantum) healing and understand the science.
3. I am a telepath. (Understand chakras as existing information on this evolution)
4. I have evolved most of my abilities through meditation, though I was born gifted.
5. I can prove every word I speak or write (since my oath) to be true (mastery of Vishudda)

I live in Centurion, in this country (South Africa) there is a vast gap between the wealthy and the poor, to the extent that supported communal feeding is the only option for many families.

The people here do not understand that seeds grow into food, or how to cultivate a basic garden. Nor do the have the money to buy seeds. We are Africa, we have (arguably) the most fertile ground in the world.

Next week, I will take packets of seeds into Soweto, and teach the street children how to grow a garden. I am germinating some watermelon and am taking various seeds and some old shopping trays that I keep for this purpose.

Food is worth more than money. How will I ever go hungry?

Maite Zamora Moreno

Living Income will provide food security and remove the 'survival' state of mind that many in South Africa find themselves in. Those who would want to cultivate a garden would have the means to do so.