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Let's Hear You: What's your take on Redirecting Military Budget to Fund the Living Income Guaranteed?

Marlen Vargas Del Razo
False Prophet

Those with weapons will defeat those without. I believe that military funding should be used in such a way as to arm the citizens and train them in the use of weapons, basic survival, farming and ecology, thus creating a defense force of enlightened citizens to protect the land from invasion as opposed to creating a mindless invasion force. There is much to be learned from the Swiss

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Redirecting military budget toward civilized/peaceful living skills, farming, ecology and other bare living necessities would be a major step toward peace and prosperity.

Wars (which bring profit for few Elites on both sides) won’t be stopped until unless people on both sides stop falling for wars and stop participating in wars.

All wars are “banker wars” meaning: they are win-win scenario for elites/bankers of both sides and lose-lose scenario for people of both sides. Elites/Bankers never fight a war, they get people to fight their war.

The Power is in the People. The question is: who will be harnessing and directing the Power?

If people fall for propaganda of current form of politicians (agents of elites/bankers) then the history will be repeating itself over and over again bringing about more lose-lose scenario for people on both sides BUT if people grasp the Fact that their peace and prosperity is dependent on living with each other in harmony according to the principle of “give as you would like to receive” then “the meek will inherit the earth”.

From this perspective: arming the citizens is not considered a sustainable solution. It’s time for people around the world to grasp this fact and start applying it practically in their daily living if they ever wish to live in peace and prosperity and to bring about a better world under which all lives are respected equally.

Sylvie Jacobs

I am all for redirecting military budget. As regards to people who don't (with the exception of the elite) they are being directed by fear of being attacked by a foreign country, obviously this being programmed into the citizens of most countries. So indeed all have to become aware of how this reality function to be able to stand up within it and stop and change.

Blaž Cegnar

I fully support the redirection of military budgets into LIG for example. All war and warmongering is a direct violation of basic human rights and people who have such ambitions must be assisted immediately to reeducate themselves in order to not cause harm.

Rebecca Dalmas

So much effort and ingenuity is put into military development, which involves organization on so many levels, and technological development. All of this begs the question as to why such obvious power is not used to simply take care of what is here in ways that do no harm?
Many countries America has " invaded" and that have been " colonized " were taking care of themselves quite well. And yet, we used the power of the capability of men to destroy instead of to build a world where the land was turned into what supported plants, animals and humans in dignity, eliminating the need for protection and defense, and instead instilling the expression of stability and sustainability.
A Living Income Guarantee is really the manifestation of common sense.

Viktor Persson

We could do SO MUCH with this money – I mean we could build a society that works for everyone – give everyone a effective education – give everyone a meaningful life – give everyone food, clothes, proper housing.

To spend money on wars is such an extreme waste of resources – it's actually spending time and money to destroy things that have been created with lot's of effort – things we could instead use and develop further. War is simply in all ways unacceptable and it's in essence a form of MURDER to participate in spending money to develop weapons and training armed forces.

Arvydas Platakis

Military spending is absolutely ridiculous, like for example, only for air conditioning in various bases military spends 20 Billion each year. I mean this money can do a lot for people that are in absolutely dire circumstances needing immediate help just to survive and surely the best vehicle for bringing this to people is through implementing Living Income.

We have already seen that all other means of trying to help people bear no long-term results, money always gets lost somewhere on the way through endless corruption and greed and also fear by those involved.

Living Income Guaranteed will remove the greatest obstacle in human evolution, which is fear. No fear for survival it's Guaranteed.