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Nationalizing people's owned assets in LIG

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Email question:

How will the people be compensated who own the corporations that will be >nationalized? They will not give their property away as I see it. They will likely >demand a compensation equal to the current market value of their shares. If that >can be provided, I think it's realistic to nationalize companies. Where does that >money come from?

It is easier to buy out entire corporations with their staff and everything (the >branch of the one country), than to buy their assets separately and form new >national corporations and try to get the production going. That will take extra >legwork, expense and time. Buying existing corps requires only modifications that >are dictated by requirements of LIG. I might be oversimplifying. The situation of >a given country must be looked at as unique. Maybe the original corp doesn't want >to sell the part of it's business that is not related to owning land and natural >resources and producing necessities.


  • Nationalization is relevant to only those corporations that are handling basic commodities that categorized as Fundamental Human Rights (e.g. food, shelter, education healthcare, public transportation). A dignified human life is dependent on these basic necessities and therefore it is inhumane to accept and allow private corporations trade with human lives for the sake of profit. This means such corporation are putting Money ahead of Life whereas Money shall be in service of Life. One can not serve two Gods. Either one serves Money or Life.

  • Transition to Nationalization of Basic Commodities does not happen over a night. It needs informed citizens and democratic consensus. Democracy – which means majority votes – is meaningful only with participation of informed citizens. A majority vote that is solicited from uninformed or misinformed citizens is not genuine democracy, it is pseudo democracy for the illegitimate benefit of few.

  • Here common sense and critical reasoning plays a major role both for 99% public and 1% so called elite. The 99% public must be well informed to be able to discern right from wrong, and the criteria for Right is something that results in greater good for All (99%+1%). The 1% elite also need to start using their brain by realizing that their current economic model - which is based on ideology of capitalism survives through war – is not sustainable, it gradually bur surely results in destruction of All (99%+1%) like a snake biting on its tail.

  • When All start realizing that the key to Peace and Prosperity is a team work, is coexisting with each other in harmony, is give as you would like to receive – then the importance of implementing a Sustainable Economic Model/Mechanism would be grasped.

  • Neither this realization nor economic reform wont take place over night, it needs patience and perseverance to spread the word until All Hear it, grasp it and implement it through peaceful informed democratic consensus.

  • We think LIG saves Capitalism by transforming the current malignant non sustainable capitalism that is bringing war and austerity all over the planet for 99% and stained with blood profit for 1% to a benevolent sustainable capitalism that brings peace and prosperity for All.

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Please read: http://eleonoragozzini.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/day-364-why-nationalization-makes-sense-and-we-dont/

"The Law we should abide by is the Law that understands the principle that Life >has Equal value in all Living Beings, that Life must be honored, that the Planet >as the Giver of Life has Equal Rights to any living being, that the Corporations >are not Life and they don’t have any Rights that comes before Life, that there is >no crown or hat or medal that gives anyone the right to trample the Human Rights >that should have been given to all at birth -and if they have not been given by >Law, the Law is a farce, the Law is just the enforcer of injustice in a world of >abuse.

Nationalizing all natural resources is a Human Right, the resources of this planet >belong to All, they are meant to provide a Living, they were never meant to >provide a reason to profit from the suffering of those that have to go without."