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Do you agree drone strikes should stop in Pakistan?

Haseeb Honey

This should be stopped because innocent people have been killed in Pakistan without any reason specially innocent children & women.People have been killed on the base of doubt.

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

War (including drone strikes) has only become an easy way for the few elites to make a lot of money, utilizing people living in poverty through paying them a pittance for their patriotism to go out there and kill people. And all of this just to support an arms industry that is in its very nature of existence a violation of Human Rights in every way.

DAWN (Democracy Against War Now) is a subsidiary of Equal Life Foundation that suggests preventions of wars through reallocation of warfare budgets to fund the Living Income Guaranteed as a sustainable Economic and Political Model that results in Peace and Prosperity for people around the world.

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DAWN Administration Team

Yogan Wayra Zadronzny Barrientos

This question is off-topic. However, consider this:

That with a Basic Income or Living income, the population from countries that conduct Drone Strikes will have more leisure time and so can be more active in stopping Drone Strikes. Currently in the US, the citizens are too busy with other things. Some of this is fueled by the necessity of work. The US also has a large Work Culture, meaning they become blinded by their work and pursuit of money. When we change this equation in the structure of the US economy on the basis of unconditional monetary support, Individuals will have a better mindset to face issues in the country including the military actions of their country.

Just to place my opinion, killing someone can only be a last resort choice, which should be done at the mercy for the person. Every other option should be explored. So one option that has not been explored is to actually consider what are the reasons that people start wars. Because ending the drone strikes won't be the complete solution. The complete solution would involve something more like ending wars. Because in any way, with or without drone strikes, innocent people are killed in a war.