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News Why World Change is Necessary

Britain faces paying an extra £2.4billion to plug ANOTHER blackhole in the EU's budget

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Britain could be forced to pay another £2.4billion to plug a new blackhole in the Brussels budget. Barely three months after securing an extra £10billion for the EU budget, the European Commission today announced it could need another £20billion from all member states. Opponents said official excuses about the arrival of late invoices ‘really taking the biscuit’ and proves the EU is failing to live within its means.

British Gas blows £25,000 on a boozy party at a luxury hotel... then makes 158 staff redundant

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A spokesman for the National Pensioners Convention said the latest scandal 'shows how completely divorced they are from the reality'. Sam Laidlaw, boss of Centrica, which owns the business, earns £5million while it hiked dual fuel prices by an average 9.2 per cent in November. After confirming the latest job losses in Leicester and Oxford a spokesman said: 'We work hard to improve the service we offer our customers, and this means regular training for our staff, sometimes involving an overnight stay.

Workers deserve a higher minimum wage

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On any given day, vast numbers of Canadians and Americans either shop at a Walmart’s or eat at a McDonald’s or at one of their ubiquitous clones. If customers paid attention, they’d notice that many of their workers were not student part-timers or young people just starting their climb up the ladder of life. They are adult women and men, many have dependent families, and this is their life. Tough luck for them that the minimum wage they make happens not to be a livable wage. A 2012 study, for example, found that more than half of U.S. fast food workers are on some form of public assistance. So the American public in effect subsidizes the fast food Goliaths.

Minimum wage in Canada: One woman's story

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Since moving to Canada from Bangladesh as a refugee in 2002, 33-year-old Acsana Fernando has not been able to earn much more than the minimum wage. She has worked in restaurants, security and factories. She now works night shifts at group homes where she helps care for physically and mentally disabled residents — employment secured through a temp agency. "When I came here, I thought any sort of job will help me to reach my goal," she says. "But now I realize it’s not easy. I’m working so hard, and still I am working poor."

Ontario’s minimum wage plan locks many into poverty: Goar

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It wouldn’t be hard to design a price index that reflects the spending habits of the working poor (or the elderly or people with disabilities). In the early 1980s, the U.S. Department of Labor came up with a consumer price index for pensioners in response to complaints that Washington’s one-size-fits-all index was unsuitable for retirees. Clearly this is not a job for a committee of non-statisticians. But Wynne’s advisory panel could have pointed out the shortcomings of the CPI and recommended the government find — or create — a better escalator. For her part, the premier could have been less hasty in pegging the earnings of Ontario’s poorest workers to a price index built for the “average” family.

'I was held hostage in hospital because I couldn't afford to pay for a emergency caesarean': Shocking story of Congolese mother imprisoned by medics over £35 bill

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'I have to pay to leave the maternity ward and I don't have the money. I had saved up the money to pay for a normal birth but the complications meant that the birth cost more – now I owe 53,000 Congolese francs (£35) and I don't have the money to pay that. 'When it came time to go home, the nurses asked me for the money and I had to tell them that I didn't have it. That's why I'm still here – the nurses didn't want to let me leave.' Shockingly, Marie's story is far from unique as one of her doctors, Josephine, confessed.

More than a quarter of London's vagrants are from Eastern Europe: Figures revealed by official report showing England's rough sleepers up by a third in three years

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More than a quarter of rough sleepers in London are migrants from Eastern European countries that joined the EU in the past decade, figures reveal. Counts found that new arrivals from Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic account for 28 per cent of rough sleepers in the capital. Meanwhile, official England-wide statistics showed that the number of rough sleepers had risen by 37 per cent since 2010, as Britain has been gripped by a growing shortage of affordable houses

Income disparity widens significantly in largest cities

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The gap between the wealthy and the poor is most extreme in several of the United States’ most prosperous and largest cities. The economic divides in Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are significantly greater than the national average, according to a study released Thursday by the Brookings Institution, the Washington-based think tank. It suggests that many sources of both economic growth and income inequality have coexisted near each other for the past 35 years. These cities may struggle in the future to provide adequate public schooling, basic municipal services because of a narrow tax base and “may fail to produce housing and neighborhoods accessible to middle-class workers and families,” the study said.

Canada could eliminate Poverty and Homelessness overnight. But will they?

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“Nobody wants to face up to the reality that the core problem is that people at the low end do not have enough money and I know there is the concern of ‘paying people to do nothing’ I hear that from my friends on the right. The truth of the matter is if you look at the cost of poverty, how it fills our prison system. Close to 90% of the people who are ‘guests of Her Majesty’ in our prisons, which cost by the way, between 60 to 120 thousand per person, per year are from the 10% of the population that live beneath the poverty line. People who are living beneath the poverty line are in jail sooner. They run into more difficulty with the law more frequently. They are in our hospitals quicker and they stay longer because they have no where to go. Their life outcomes are diminished. Their education and family outcomes are not good. All of which produces a huge problem in terms of our national productivity and the workforce that we need. The only way to deal with these issues is not to have a thousand micro managed programs based on rules and welfare officers trying to look into peoples private lives. It is to ensure that everybody has an automatic top up when they fall beneath so that they can manage and there is an incentive to stay in the workforce and participate. We spend between the provinces and Ottawa in excess of $180 billion a year, and we see no real reduction in meaningful terms of the millions of Canadians living below the poverty line.”

Over 2.6million households spend more on bills than they earn - and their monthly shortfall has doubled in a year

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British households are struggling to make ends meet with 2.6million people admitting that they do not earn enough to pay all of their bills. Households who struggle to pay their bills suffer a shortfall of £85, up by over 50 per cent in the last year. In some regions the average shortfall is considerably higher. The dire findings by Legal & General’s 'Moneymood survey' comes despite the fall in inflation to 1.9 per cent, which is likely to ease the strain on household's disposable incomes.

Seven police officers among 18 dead as Ukrainian protesters armed with rocks, Molotov cocktails and even crossbows clash with police

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Around 20,000 protestors fought against police officers, armed with rocks, bats and fire bombs, and singing the Ukrainian national anthem in defiance. Horrifying pictures also showed several floors of a trade union building, used as an anti-government headquarters, were on also set fire. The protesters had marched to the parliament building to press the opposition leaders' calls for Yanukovich to relinquish what they call his 'dictatorial' powers and particularly his control of the economy and the security forces. The protests erupted in November after Yanukovych shelved a long-planned treaty with the European Union and sought financial help from Moscow. After several protest rallies were violently dispersed, the demonstrations turned into a broader human rights, anti-corruption movement.

More than 500 Indian migrant workers have died in Qatar in two years as shocking death toll is laid bare ahead of 2022 World Cup

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More than 500 Indian migrant workers have died working on construction projects in Qatar in the last two years with the death toll reaching more than 700, since it was announced the Gulf state will host the 2022 World Cup. The shocking scale of the death toll among those workers fuelling a construction boom in the Arab emirate has prompted human rights groups to urge Fifa to investigate and call for improved working conditions for the estimated 1.2million migrant workers.

Stay-at-home mothers are stuck in poverty because of 'inordinate' tax burden, warns Catholic leader

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Families are being trapped in poverty by having to pay ‘inordinate’ amounts of tax, Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric has warned. The Most Rev Vincent Nichols suggested stay-at-home mothers in particular were left worse off, and insisted the problem had to be tackled with help targeted at the most ‘needy’. He also condemned the ‘disgrace’ of people left so destitute they have to turn to food banks for help.

Salaries would be DOUBLE if they had risen as fast as house prices forcing 4.1million to give up dream of buying a home

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The average worker would earn more than double their current salary if wages had increased as fast as house prices since 1997, a report reveals today. The research highlights the impact of the combination of huge house price rises but minimal, or non-existent, pay rises. Shortages in affordable housing have led to 4.1 million of adults abandoning the dream of having the keys to their own property, according to a new survey - with 1.8 million of these aged 25 to 44.

Little girl denied surgery to help her walk due to 'budget cuts': Shannon, 6, has cerebral palsy and can only shuffle with a frame

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The family of a six-year-old girl with cerebral palsy have condemned 'cruel' NHS bosses after an operation to help her walk was cancelled at the last moment - because of budget cuts. She was due to have a life-changing operation this Friday which would have loosened her muscles to help her walk independently. Family now fear they will have to raise £7,000 for treatment in America

Planned Obsolescence

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Planned obsolescence is the deliberate decision to design a product to be of an inferior standard so that it will break in a set amount of time. This is done so that the consumer must go and buy a new product – thus increasing the revenues for the producer. What obviously hasn’t been considered in this approach is the damage and impact such a wasteful way of utilizing resources have on the environment; it’s as if us humans have imagined and believed that we could do anything we want to do – without any form of consequence – that we could use up all the resources in the world – without consequence – that we could do invent and create everything we’d like to – without consequence. Though, in this day and age – it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is not the case and that currently – we’re facing the Age of Consequence.

Why Widening Inequality is Hobbling Equal Opportunity by Robert Reich

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In fact, America’s savage inequality is the main reason equal opportunity is fading and poverty is growing. Since the “recovery” began, 95% of the gains have gone to the top 1 percent, and median incomes have dropped. This is a continuation of the trend we’ve seen for decades. As a result: (1) The sinking middle class no longer has enough purchasing power to keep the economy growing and creating sufficient jobs. The share of working-age Americans still in the labor force is the lowest in more than thirty years. (2) The shrinking middle isn’t generating enough tax revenue for adequate education, training, safety nets, and family services. And when they’re barely holding on, they can’t afford to — and don’t want to — pay more. (3) Meanwhile, America’s rich are accumulating not just more of the country’s total income and wealth, but also the political power that accompanies money. And they’re using that power to reduce their own taxes, and get corporate welfare (subsidies, bailouts, tax cuts) for their businesses. All this means less equality of opportunity in America.

Blogs Education and Solutions

Evolving Humanity through Education

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It is time we change the course of education, starting with ourselves. By taking education into our own hands through understanding the connection between the current state of the world and what we have been taught to prioritize, we can intervene and change course on an individual level. From there it is necessary that we start changing the course of the world-system through standing together with the aim of creating a world that is best for all life, because we understand that nothing is worth anything if Life itself is not prioritized and cared for at a fundamental level. That is what we are working towards in the Equal Life Foundation with the proposal of a Guaranteed Living Income System. So for the love of life, I urge you to investigate what we are proposing and I urge you to embark on this process of discovery and self-education to change your course, understanding that you make up a part of the whole and that we cannot do this without you, without all of us.

LIG to Solve U.S. High-Deductible Health Insurance Problems

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Many adults like me and college graduates are having a hard time as it is to find a job and making a stable living for themselves. In terms of paying for Health Care, it can really screw one over because you may not have enough money to buy insurance or even cover typical medical expenses so choosing the cheapest plan is desirable, but if something happens to you, you have to pay the initial medical costs yourself before the health care company does so. We really do not need to spend such hefty amounts of money for healthcare services, especially to the point where families in the United States for example are losing their homes because they don’t have the money. There is a solution that can be implemented to solve this situation, and that is: The Living Income Guaranteed.

Crimea, Warmongering, Deceit and Spite – LIG

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We have written a proposal to end the disempowerment of all people, it calls for a living income guaranteed, we have laid out some guidelines on the points that we should consider when attempting to correct this system to guarantee a life for all, just this one point will make sure that the masses will no longer be such easy targets to be swayed by fake promises of a Life, if they are given one unconditionally, then, the games will change, where do we get the money to give everyone a living we can decide it together, everything we participate in is just a convention, an agreement we either made in awareness or unwarily, the Law, Money, Care, Borders and especially how we decide to treat each other, once we change the basics of our core relationships we can bring our own personal understanding to the bigger picture, we can start to see solutions, and they won’t come through violence or coercion or spite, they will have to be self-willed, we will have to will this world into something else by giving up our past, unless we’d like to re-experience it just for the fun of it, then we can wait for world war III, isn’t that what they say, there is no 2 without a three?

The Complacency Virus

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Fact is that we are all dependent upon money, and fact is that in this world, when we do not have money, the very foundations of our existence will shatter – thus – even though we might think we are safe, because we have money at the money, this is no guarantee – and it is absolutely no guarantee that our children will have access to money. Fact is that our current economic system is slowly crumbling before our very eyes, and even though we might feel comfortable at the moment, we will in time face the consequences – and they will not be pleasant – because what is certain is the current economic system is not sustainable and it will not last.

Parents Need a Living Income Now

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being provided with proper parental care, education and financial support to become a living example of what the real evolution in humanity should be as children that grow up to be self-caring, self-loving, considerate, responsible and self-honest individuals that can support to co-create the changes required in our societies? the opposite happens and I’ll share a brief story that happened today and we’ll get to see what the starting point of a problem with a teenager growing up could’ve started and how we’re all allowing such problems to exist as they do, because we haven’t provided any living support as a guaranteed human right to every child in the world.

Introducción al Ingreso de Vida Garantizado

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Mientras considerábamos cómo diseñar un cambio que sea implementable y permanente enfrentamos muchos aspectos de los problemas en la actualidad, como la aceptación de la jerarquía y los actuales poderes que gobiernan al mundo para ver cómo puede cada uno de nosotros volver a su propio poder para dirigir este mundo a un resultado diferente, a una realidad diferente que beneficie a todos y no sólo algunos

Why We Have Not Been Able To Change

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Fascinatingly enough, what you will find when you allow yourself to become a life scientist, is that most, if not all problems in humanity and this world comes from MONEY or rather, the lack of money. There are political solutions to sort out the credit crunch currently gripping this world – Investigate Living Income Guarantee – and remember – no energy – no experience – just look at the facts.

If You Have Money You Can Drink Unpolluted Water

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So, in other words, if you do not have money, you do not have access to the very basic necessity of water, let alone clean or filtered water. This is not acceptable! And we can no longer put off until tomorrow or until 'someone else' creates a solution. We MUST become this change, by taking responsibility for what WE have accepted and allowed, where WE must not look away, where WE can effect a permanent, practical solution which considers what is Best for All Life.

Living Income Guaranteed & Vacations

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I sometimes dare to fantasize about being able to afford a vacation/enjoy world travel each year but within a LIG (Living Income Guaranteed) this will be a reality. Of course, you will have to manage your money responsibly and so put aside the amount you want to spend on vacation. However, you and all citizens will be guaranteed an annual income that is sufficient to cover all life necessities and a vacation is one of those necessities-a break, a rest to rejuvenate the mind/body/being!

West Virigina Deserves a Living Income

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Alaska figured out a way to share the wealth of it’s natural resources with all its citizens. When Alaska started making lots of money in the 1970s oil boom, they came up with the idea of investing the profit from the oil. The result was the Alaska Permanent Fund – this Fund became a yearly, single, unconditional cash payment to every state resident. Why can’t the same be done for West Virginia?

Charity, Scavengers and a Living Income Guaranteed

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How far are we pushing the I’Deal of Private Property, to the rubbish point? What about the ashes resulting from the burnt trash of each one of us, why are they not given back to us if they are still our property? Why isn’t anyone complaining about that, why is it ok that the incinerators appropriate themselves of our rubbish but not people who are in no position to buy stuff they or their families need or in the position to feed themselves?


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我們被教育成只會想不是黑就是白, 就如建立一個極端偏左或偏右, 藍或綠, 黑或白, 共產或資本主義的系統, 而就這樣, 我們保持在分離裏, 不會純綷簡單地考慮我們怎樣可以把資金投向, 為我們人生找一條出路 - 可是, 我們停留在被分化然後統治的模式, 容許一少撮人控制着 '人與人不能和解的勾心鬥角', 這亦正是為什麼我們還未能得出一個, 為平等/共同幸福而努力的共識. 因為我們被教育和灌輸, 以支持其中一個極端就成為我們的身份/定義, 代表我們是什麼, 我們相信什麼. 我們在大部份國家都出現兩黨對立, 給我們一個有選擇權(假民主)和分化的假象, 這完全並非偶然的. 以上就是我們怎樣被分化和被統治, 透過不同的想思/觀念/信念, 具領袖魅力的領袖, '異常主義(exceptionalist ideologies)'的觀念引至至高無上, 和最終變成一場利用權力的濫虐, 導至我們互相反對/反抗對方 - 但, 我們不可以視 '當權者'為指責的對象, 取而代之, 讓我們把手指指向我們自己, 是每個人自己容許/製造這些出現, 就如現時的一切濫虐和貪汚傷害着我們一樣.

Would you like French Fries with Your World War III ? Mar 22

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A world of peace is in our reach, we have to stop listening to warmongering propaganda and see the world for what it is at the moment, a broken ensemble of abuses that span from dishonesty to violence and horrific lives and see how we can heal together, if we gave a guaranteed living to everyone, regardless of their creed, race, gender or geographical positioning, who would need to go to war for ‘a living’ – and what an oxymoron ? No one. And if those that insists wars are good ideas so those on top can make another truck load of money, will be forced into either reviewing their stand and stop those WarGames for the sake of profit or be reformed into people who stop seeking value in Death, specifically in the Death of Others, vs recognizing the equal value of All in/as Life.

Should You Send Your Child to Preschool?

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What this would mean in the context of preschool education for example is that the primary priority would no longer be on squeezing as many children as possible into tight spaces or to cut down on teachers just to keep the budget down. What this would mean is that preschool education would no longer be deprioritized as a secondary education where children are merely ‘kept’ until they can start in school and begin their ‘real’ education. Instead of preschools functioning primarily from a starting-point of keeping children occupied so their parents can go to work and make money to support the wheels of consumerism to spin, they will be structured based on research on child development to best serve the well-being of the children.

Why Do We Go To School?

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With a Guaranteed Living Income System we can bring back the joy of learning to the forefront of our education system by making education a top priority. Because based on the Principle of what is ‘Best for All’ we understand that education and learning, where we really develop and expand ourselves as human beings, is an incremental part of preventing the total destruction of our habitat, this earth, and thus ourselves. Because if we don’t, then it will be too late and we won’t be here to see what could have been possible. We won’t be here to see the smiles on our children’s faces when they wake up to go to school. We won’t be here to go to school again ourselves and start over and re-discover our joy of learning.

Hopelessness Will End With LIG

"Over 1,500 farmers in an Indian state committed suicide after being driven to debt by crop failure, it was reported today. Farmers' suicides are increasing due to a vicious circle created by money lenders. They lure farmers to take money but when the crops fail, they are left with no option other than death."

Nationalizing Resources: Reclaiming the Commons in Alaska

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The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), or Alaska Dividend, is a unique yearly dividend for Alaska residents. In 1982 the first Permanent Fund dividend check of $1,000 was distributed. The Legislature pays this first dividend, not with Permanent Fund income, but with surplus oil revenues. "In Alaska, we live on the commons. We benefit from the commons. We care for the commons. From common ownership of our land and our resources, has emerged a new model for modern society. We call ourselves the Owner State. And what we own is the commons. We believe our model surpasses both capitalism and socialism. When this approach is understood, worldwide, there will be no legitimate reason for poverty..."

The Butterfly Effect and Living Income Guaranteed

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By changing the money composition in the economy by a fraction, we can bring about tremendous changes. These changes in turn, will bring about their own effects. Even if one might not agree with a Living Income Guaranteed for political reasons, we cannot ignore the ample economic benefits that are coupled with its implementation; to name but just a few: economic growth and expansion, higher living standards, better skilled labor force, lower debt levels and better employment conditions. These in turn translate into social, cultural and psychological benefits such as lower crime rate, lower levels of stress, increased personal freedom, social cohesion, enhanced personal growth and development and overall happiness.

The Era of Unemployment

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For ages and ages humanity have held unto the fix idea that employment and labor is what entitles us to a dignified life. We have thought that only with a job are we able to earn money and build a future for ourselves. Now, we are reaching a new era – the technological era – and this means that machines are slowly but surely going to take over and become the new employee.

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