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Why the Top 1% Pay a Much Lower Tax Rate Than You

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What we don’t think about enough is whether our tax system is fair. The richest 1 percent of Americans are now getting the largest percent of total national income in almost a century. So you might think they’d pay a much higher tax rate than everyone else. But you’d be wrong. Many millionaires pay a lower federal tax rate than many middle-class Americans. Some don’t pay any federal taxes at all. That’s because they‘re allowed to deduct from their taxable income such things as large interest payments on mortgages for huge homes, also the costs of business entertainment and conferences (aka vacations at golf resorts), and gold plated health care plans. Some also take advantage of tax loopholes that let them park some of their earnings in offshore tax havens like the Bahamas or the Netherlands Antilles.

Influx of migrants across Mediterranean has reached 'Biblical proportions', Italy's navy chief warns, as criminal gangs wreak havoc on the high seas

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The Mediterranean has become 'another Somalia', Italy's naval chief has warned, as criminal gangs importing migrants to Europe by the thousand wreak havoc on the high seas. Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, head of the Italian Navy, said that the influx of migrants had grown 'exponentially' in the last few months to reach 'Biblical proportions'. It comes as the UN today said that an estimated 6,000 Syrian and Eritrean migrants, including women and newborn babies, have been rescued by Italy's navy in four days, while thousands more asylum seekers keen to reach Europe have gathered in Libya. Italy has been forced to step up military efforts to match the surge in trafficking operations, he said, but was fighting a losing battle.

Will the IMF Bailout Turn Ukraine Into Another Greece?

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The IMF loan comes with demands for “economic reforms,” i.e. austerity measures, that will be borne by the working-class Ukrainians, one-fourth of whom already live below the poverty line. It is this imposition of conditions, which have grown more numerous in recent loan deals, that led the European Network of Debt and Development to call in a report last week for reform of the IMF.

It's time for a basic minimum income!

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All around the world, people are talking about a basic minimum income, and what they're saying makes a lot of economic sense. Regardless of whether you want to fight poverty, stimulate the economy, shrink the size of government, or simply ensure everyone has a sense of human dignity – you should be calling for a no-strings-attached basic income for all.

The Face of Anguish of the mothers forced to hand over their children: Heartbreaking moments parents say goodbye to their sons and daughters at China's 'baby hatches'

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Abandoning children is illegal in China, but the 'hatches' were introduced so parents could abandon infants safely rather than leaving them in the streets. The parents who abandon them= children either cannot afford treatment or feel an inability to cope with raising a child who has special needs In one of the photos an uncle is seen leaving his niece who he says is suffering from leukemia and her parents can not afford her medical bills. Another distressing image shows a man crying after being told his baby is too old to be accepted. A couple, whose child has Pierre Robin syndrome - congenital condition of facial abnormalities in humans - are also photographed walking to the centre to give up their child. A parent typically opens a door and places their infant in a small room, rings a bell and leaves before welfare services collect the child. Last month the welfare home's director Xu Jiu announced the suspension and told Xinhua news agency: 'I hope everyone understands the difficulties the welfare centre face.'

The Face of Poverty: Homeless Jobless Single Mom With Lousy Options Arrested For Being Homeless Jobless Single Mom Who Chose One of Them

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Leaving small kids alone in a potentially hot car - even strapped into their carseats with the windows cracked - is a terrible idea. Another terrible idea: Arizona cutting 40 percent of its total childcare budget in the past four years, while spending upwards of $1 billion on its prisons, while states all across this fine land likewise, ruthlessly cut budgets for childcare, health care, job training and housing while providing tax cuts to corporations and prisons, thus turning on its head the notion that the task of any civilized society is to care for "the last, the least, the littlest." These skewered policies and priorities have consequences. One of them is named Shanesha Taylor. She reportedly remains in jail, though her family is said to have posted bail, and a local woman has begun a fundraiser to help with legal expenses. So there is good in the world. It's just in the wrong - ie: powerless - places.

Buying the U.S. Government

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Sen. Bernie Sanders: “Freedom of speech, in my view, does not mean the freedom to buy the United States government…What world are the five conservative Supreme Court justices living in? To equate the ability of billionaires to buy elections with ‘freedom of speech’ is totally absurd. The Supreme Court is paving the way toward an oligarchic form of society in which a handful of billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson will control our political process.”

The Price Of Human Life, According To GM

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The executives at GM knew for 13 years that their cars had a defective ignition switch that would, well, kill people. But they did a "cost-benefit analysis" and concluded that paying off the deceased's relatives was going to be cheaper than having to install a $10 part per car. They then covered up their findings and continued to let millions drive around with the defective part in their cars. There would be no recalls. There would only be parents and the decapitated body parts of their dead children. Only now, under the newly-configured GM -- owned, essentially, by you and me from 2009 through last year -- has the truth come out. And my guess is that it has to do with the fact that a mother now runs General Motors. A few months ago, Marry Barra, a former resident of Flint, the daughter of GM union autoworker, was named its CEO. And it looks like she isn't one of the good ol' boys. She stepped forward, announced the truth of what GM did, ordered one massive recall after another, and now is showing up to face Congress in a few hours. The cause of this tragedy is an economic system that places profit above everything else, including -- and especially -- human life.

These Are Photos Of Childrens Bedrooms. But They Represent Something Much, Much More.

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Millions of people from around the world are currently experiencing very different childhoods. Some are living in abject poverty, lacking basic food and sanitation, while others are more fortunate by being born in a country where those things are guaranteed and usually taken for granted. When photographer James Mollison was asked to come up with an idea for engaging with children’s rights, he found himself thinking of his bedroom: how significant it was during his childhood, and how it reflected what he had and who he was.

Corporate Welfare and the Minimum Wage

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The arguments against raising the minimum wage are bullshit. The majority of Americans including conservatives support an increase yet congress continues to drag its feet on doing right by the people they claim to serve. The conservative “pull-yourself up-by your-bootstraps” mentality has become an acceptable excuse to justify kicking people when they’re down. The greedy and elitist attitudes of CEO’s and bankers have created a culture of entitlement in this country in which stealing from others less powerful is the best way to get to the top regardless of the social cost. The federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 since 2009 despite cost of living increases and the fact that Americans are being forced to get by on less pay, food stamps, unemployment, savings etc. Every resource the working poor needs to stay afloat or get ahead is gone or disappearing.

With Hippocratic Oath, Doctors Pledge Allegiance to Patients, Not Profits

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American physicians spend at least three times as much time, money and effort on administrative work related to payment and insurance coverage as our Canadian brethren, with their single-payer system. Administrative hassle is a major factor driving more and more American doctors to sell our practices to large corporations that take care of the back-office work. The Affordable Care Act has only added to that burden. Sixty percent of doctors now work for corporations, and that number is growing. Working for a corporate provider of health care services is a mixed bag. He who pays the piper calls the tune. As both for-profit and nonprofit health care corporations have become increasingly focused on the bottom line, doctors working for them have come under increasingly subtle and not-so-subtle pressures to generate revenue for their employers.

Unfun Unions Would Trash Our Fun, Fast, Friendly Culture (Not to Mention Require A Living Wage) Says Target's New Agit-Prop

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Target doesn't like unions - maybe because, as America's third-largest retailer with 2012 revenues of $73.3 billion, it can get away with paying its CEO $24 million a year, or $14,000 an hour, while paying its average sales "team member" less than $17,000 a year, if they're lucky enough to get 40 hours a week, which they mostly aren't, which is why many have to get food stamps to survive

Starving College Students and the Shredded Social Contract

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Dozens of food pantries are “cropping up at colleges across the country in recent years as educators acknowledge the struggles many students face as the cost of getting a higher education continues to soar,” the Associated Press reported this weekend. Tuition alone, thearticle notes, “has become a growing burden, rising 27 percent at public colleges and 14 percent at private schools in the past five years, according to the College Board. Add in expenses for books, housing and other necessities of college life and some are left to choose between eating and learning.”

Abu Ghraib Case Challenges 'Lawlessness' of Private Contractors in Times of War

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"The lower court’s ruling creates lawless spaces where corporations can commit torture and war crimes and then find safe haven in the United States," said Azmy. "That’s a ruling that should not stand.” Lawyers for CCR said CACI walked free despite having ordered soldiers, who were later court martialed, to commit “sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses,” as described by military investigators at the time, which included electric shocks, sexual violence, forced nudity, broken bones, and deprivation of oxygen, food, and water, in order to “soften” the detainees for interrogations.

The true lives of low-level drug dealers: “What’s the point of surviving if you can’t live?”

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“I’m not trying to be some rich guy. I’m just trying to get money to enjoy myself. Real-world jobs don’t allow people to do that. I think that’s why a lot of people sell drugs,” Rico says. His “real-world job” pays a few bucks more than minimum wage. He says that it’s just enough to pay bills and occasionally go out. “You don’t make enough money to do anything: Travel, get your car fixed up. Naw.” He explains that when an hour’s work at minimum wage buys you two gallons of gas, and you spend a gallon each day getting to work, the choice becomes pretty clear. “It’s almost like you work to go to work,” Rico says. “I wanted something else.”

Time for Realism and Common Sense on Ukraine

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The EU, dominated by Germany, has inflicted brutal austerity on its own troubled members like Greece, Spain and Portugal. There’s no reason to think the EU, with or without the IMF, would not exact an equally harsh regime on Ukraine as the price for financial aid. Any responsible government in Kiev should examine very carefully the level of support offered by these Western institutions, as well as the conditions attached to it.

Ex-Army tank driver, 42, with 26 different driving licences is turned down from 790 jobs

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A talented ex-Army tank driver has taken to advertising himself on Twitter in a desperate bid to find work - after he was turned down for a staggering 790 jobs. Carl 'Bear' Randell-Eyre, 42, served with the Armed Forces for 23 years and commanded the world's biggest military vehicles during tours in Bosnia and Iraq. One of the nation's most skilled drivers, he has 26 driving licences for everything from 68-tonne Challenger tanks to helicopter recovery cranes and 32-tonne trucks. During his long service in 25 countries he risked his life recovering and fixing bombed out military vehicles while under enemy fire on the front line. But the father-of-one's qualifications with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are not recognised for civilian driving jobs and he cannot afford to retrain.

Blogs Education and Solutions

Demonizing Populism to Preserve The Few

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It is time for us all to open our eyes and see that we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated through our own desires to be more than what we are as our placement in the world, through our own desire to not accept that this is our current condition and a consequence of everything that has gone on for centuries unchallenged enough to change, instead of considering that we have to stand up united for a change and that being called a Populist even when that implies a low class commoner is a very small price to pay once we realize that this system was never created to support All Equally but to benefit some at the expense of others – and we are these ‘others’.

The Vatican Saints – A Book and Its Cover

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We have a proposal, it’s as close as it can be to the message of Jesus, it’s to give a Life to All, to recognize to All the Right to live a dignified life, not in the comical attempt to ‘represent’ the ideal of equality and justice but as a Solution to give Equality and Justice as in Equal Rights to Life to All Human Beings, check it out, it’s called a #LivingIncomeGuaranteed, no Saints, no Masters, No Popes or Kings required, just the will of each one of us to realign to a Life Worth Living for All.

Domestic Workers and Living Income Guaranteed

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So, here is a new law that is supposed to help the worker when in fact it could do just the opposite, cutting into hours worked, as one way to get around this is to cut shifts to 9 hours thus eliminating the over-time pay, which would cut into the employees pay and totally eliminating 24 hour live-in care. Also what impact does this have on the client that is used to certain workers in their homes, certain schedules, which will now be radically changed due to this law as the agency will not absorb the cost, and will look to the clients/families to fulfill this need. And, in the long run how will this effect the agencies themselves as having to restructure themselves? Will this cause cut backs in staff in general? So, what is the solution?

Why I Stand For A Living Income Guaranteed

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I have been on this earth for 53 years and am sadly and continually appalled by human stupidity and irresponsibility. I no longer accept and allow myself to just ‘go about my business’ blindly living in self interest (and the interest of my ‘clan’/family/the ones I consider special to me) and ignore the rest of humanity, ignore massive human suffering because ‘it’s too big a problem and I can’t do anything about it.’

What is payment? We got it wrong this whole time!

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We are raised up by the society to believe that we pay for things with money. You know: paper, coin, digits on the bank account. Whenever we want something that we don’t have or is not ours, we pay for it in the store with money and then it’s ours. Then we can do with it whatever we want, because WE paid for it with OUR MONEY. Then there is this division in our society where some believe that one should always work to earn one’s money and that those who don’t do ‘real’ work are bad people, lazy, selfish. Others like the capitalist idea where one invests one’s money (earned, stolen, inherited or all of the above) so that the money ‘works’ for you and one just gets the benefits, the profits. But what all have in common is that all live in the illusion of money and payment, because everyone believes that we pay for things with money. I did too, but boy, was I wrong.

The Demon in Democracy

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In comparison to a liquid democracy where the individuals’ voices can be heard in a poll, the system of a democracy of a majority ruling with indirect representation waters down the voting power of a citizen and thus no new solutions and perspectives get to the responsible organs of the government. There is also the law of Federal Law breaks State Laws and Union Law breaks Federal Law, where the Union is able to overrule anything.

Living Capitalism

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The system is us and we as-it are holding each of us by choice prisoner to it / to ourselves as a system of ‘Life’, ‘Death’ and ‘Struggle’ – that has manifested as capitalism of ‘Grow or Die’. We must understand the brainwashing within the acceptance that suffering is a natural part of life and step out of this mental dysfunction and let go of the concept of ‘having to work for a living’, ‘having the right to work to earn a living’ and instead see that we all have a right for Life, the right of Life, because we are of Life, we are living beings. Our capital is Life, the physical resources – so all will profit in being given an equal and one opportunity to practical physical survival/living in this physical existence. We will manage and live this system through our contribution to make it work for ourselves and for all. We can capitalize on the resources of each human being contributing to life on earth.

Satanism, Religions and a Living Income Guaranteed Apr 25

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Life as it goes on this planet today is defined by Money, there is only One True God, Money, even the ‘good ones’ are praying for a ‘better life’ which can be achieved only through MONEY, so we are using those made up Gods in the Hope to be Saved, in the Hope to Be Spared everything that we see goes on for billions of those born on the wrong side of the system.

Solution for Retirement for Baby Boomers

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For a number of years now, I have been working as a caregiver to senior women, this is even before I became a senior citizen myself. I have seen, first hand, how expensive it is when one gets older and how as one's capacity diminishes through aging and health concerns, that retirement without financial support makes this process harder, as how our system is set up now, Social Security is not really enough to address one's retirement costs. As I see with myself, even though I am of retirement age, I cannot afford to retire, I cannot afford to stop working, as my Social Security payments are not enough to live on. - See more at:

Communism and the 1%

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The solution is to educate people on how ideologies are being used within the power principle of ‘divide and conquer’ to brainwash and manipulate people to make do with the direst of living conditions with hard, tedious or repetitive labor and little pay or no job at all where the ideology of capitalism is lived or the opposite where one has to juggle 2-3 jobs concurrently on a daily basis to survive, because the pay one is given for one job does not suffice to get by on at all. People have to be told who benefits from the information that is being propagated, so one is able to see the intent behind the disinformation.

Cultivating Social Change Through Education

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When a farmer’s crops die or when the harvest is unsuccessful, the farmer looks to his methods of cultivating the soil to see where the mistake happened. Perhaps he watered too much or too little, perhaps the mineral composition in the soil required different nutrients to support the plants to grow. This is the way we should think about social change, understanding that because we are the problem, we have a responsibility to become the solution.

Is Your Child Equipped for The Future?

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We cannot complain about the state of the world while taking it for granted. We cannot fear what will happen to our children in the future if we are not willing to take responsibility for shaping that future in their best interest. We cannot pass the responsibility of our children’s education onto a school system that we know is broken and ineffective. So when we ask whether our children are equipped to face the future, no one can answer that question better than ourselves.

Liberalism: Problems, Solutions & Benefits

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"One must realize the allowance and acceptance of the manipulation leading to the change of focus from surviving within WWII and a hands-on approach of rebuilding and producing some kind of added value to what was left in the ruins of the war to a focus on and the dominion of competition and competitiveness. This has brought forth an alienation within oneself toward one’s self-expression and what life is about and can be, and the diversion from the principle of best for all within giving another what one would like to receive oneself. This is where one can actually find a handle for the fear of not surviving. One is able to refocus, to redirect one’s focus on equality and in that seeing, realizing and understanding that there is an alternative way, because all are in fact equal as and within life and in that we are all one, one humanity, one life."

The Oldest Job in the World and a Living Income Guaranteed

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In my view we should change the way we approach our problems, taxing prostitution is just illogical, especialy when we are still debating on this ‘profession’ and, as I said, if we are not willing to tax other ‘on the fringe’ activities that exist, thrive and make up much of our parallel economy, why tax prostitution? Are we going for the prostitutes because we fear asking the Mafia to pay taxes or wait, asking Corporations to not move their Capitals into Tax Heavens to avoid giving what is due that would give much relief to the economy and to those that struggle within it? Are we going for the weakest even in our ludicrous solution seeking Quest, who are the real abusers then if not us all?

The Era of Enlightened Activism

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Many people do see what is going in this world, they do see that the current state of our world is outright abusive, and that it can’t go on as it has – we need to change – this is clear. The problem with the wave of action that has been spreading throughout the world in various forms, such as for example the Occupy Wall Street-movement, the Arabic Spring – is that there is no clear understanding of HOW to sort out this mess – we do see the problems – but we do not see from WHERE these problems stem – and specifically we don’t see what course of action that will bring forth a lasting and structural solution.

Our Needs are something to Die For.

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Many people who are born on the wrong side of the system, or who have fallen out of the system into the abyss of our careless design, do not have choices, their needs drive them, their survival urges become the motive that moves them to do the unthinkable and yes sure, this might be why we kept things this way for so long but if we start to see the designs that are urging people into choices we have the privilege to not have to make, then we can reconsider rewriting the system in support of everyone, to guarantee a Living to All, because we can, no matter what we have been taught and believe, this world needs our compliance and consent to stay the way it is, we can stop giving our thumbs up and start by joining together in the name of an Equality bigger than our petty para Equality fights and drive this world to a solution.

Three Ways to Know History

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How do I start to know history; the real history? And what good will it do, if I do? I believe that if I know history; what really happened, I can explain the validity and reasonableness of a Living Income Guaranteed. I believe that the degree of cognitive dissonance – the difference between what we see and know to be true and what we are told is true, is so great that most have opted for a consumer high; an autistic retreat into a gadgets and games –or they have gone into a religious/spiritual retreat – consumerism with a halo, if you will. The majority of the world is waiting, most without running water or decent food. They are waiting for people like you and me – those who can and willing to create a world of decency for all.

Abandoned Children Around the World

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We, as a people, have to change the very system which perpetuates this, which creates this. Without proper income, food, shelter, medical coverage, education, millions of children are reaping the consequences of a broken system that does not address these basic needs to afford one to live a life of value, released from extreme poverty and no alternatives to one's plight.

LIG and Spiritual Self-Help Gurus

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A Living Income Guaranteed for all, so all may live a dignified, enjoyable life, not just some! Let’s stop being hypocrites. Join us in building a new world, in which all can participate fully, over time, to create the ideals this book suggests.


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We have here the opportunity to change the directive principle of our education from a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ kind of process to an educreation process, where we re-create ourselves as human beings through a directive and deliberate process of re-education, a process of actually washing our brains clean from all the misinformation and cognitive dissonance that we’ve been taught, that we have taught ourselves as a species for eons of time. And from that starting-point of looking at things with fresh eyes, we can make a decision to educate ourselves to look at the world and ourselves with compassion and common sense, to do onto our neighbor as we would have been done onto us and to live according to the principle of placing what is best for all life before our immediate self-interest. We have walked the path of self-interest, we know exactly where it will lead. We understand that destroying ourselves in an attempt to survive can only be the result of a flawed education and that there must be another way. Investigate the proposal of a Guaranteed Living Income system.

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