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An idea for the second machine age: a guaranteed standard of living for all

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The free market right are exercised by BIG, the Basic Income Guarantee - Such a system would also have the potential to answer one of the big concerns about the future of work - that technological change is fast making many forms of mass, unskilled and semi-skilled labour redundant. If enforced leisure is what we have to look forward to, some form of compensation has to be provided, or society would soon implode.

The Pragmatic Libertarian Case for a Basic Income Guarantee - By Matt Zwolinski

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"A BIG, in contrast, allows virtually no room for bureaucratic discretion, and thus minimizes the opportunities for political rent-seeking and opportunism. It is, as the late James Buchanan once noted, a perfectly general policy that treats all citizens the same. It is thus entirely ill-suited for use as a method of political exploitation. We should therefore expect to see much less rent-seeking and opportunism with a BIG than we do with the present welfare state, and therefore a more effective transfer of resources toward the genuinely needy as opposed to the politically well-connected."

The Apartheid of Our Time

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What is the difference between discriminating against someone because of the colour of their skin and discriminating against them because of their social/economic situation? There is no difference. In both cases you are using an irrelevant and arbitrary form of measurement to determine the intrinsic worth of another person. I say irrelevant because wealth, social status and skin colour do not make you who you are. Of course, they are factors that play a role in your life, contributing to shaping your personality - but they are not the determining characteristics that define you or determine who you are. - See more at:

You Better be Rich if You Want a Good Job

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Even if you discount the auctioning of internships, education is expensive and these days a really good education still won't guarantee that you will find the kind of job you planned for. When you are deciding what to study, the main consideration revolves around what kind of job you want and/or what kind of pay you'll get. Your plan is not to work in a supermarket after you complete your doctorate, and yet this is what's happening to an increasing number of young adults. You no longer have the luxury of doing what you love - now it's all about survival and (hopefully) a little extra. - See more at:

How Much is Your Child’s Life Worth?

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We say we want the best future for our children, yet we accept the people who teach them, who spend most of their day with them to work under suboptimal conditions. We say we want our children to have the best education possible, yet we accept them to go to school in moldy, dark environments and spend most of their days having to navigate grueling social hierarchies with other children with little to no adult intervention or support. Many parents obviously do not have much say in which schools their child is sent to. It is few who are able to afford the prestigious private schools that do in fact prioritize a healthy and creative learning environment.

Why Being Human Matters, for the People of Gaza and the World

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IDr. Mona El-Farra, medical doctor and associate of the Middle East Children’s Alliance recently made headlines on Democracy Now! with her plea to end the military assault on Gaza with one powerful statement: “We are human beings.” She is, of course, absolutely right. Human beings live in Gaza, and it seems like nothing could be more obvious — if not human beings, then who or what does? And why are we paying attention? Of course, what she is really saying is something much deeper. She’s saying, that to the people in Gaza, it seems like we have somehow forgotten that human beings are there — and that raises more questions. For example: How could one forget the humanity of another and what does it tell us about who we really are?

New USDA Poultry Inspection Rules Jeopardize Public Health, say Critics

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In a statement announcing the overhaul, the USDA says the new system will "prevent thousands of illnesses each year." But under the new rules, some of the inspections that had been done by USDA inspectors will now be done by the companies themselves, a situation critics have called "the fox guarding the hen house."

Obama: 'We Tortured Some Folks'

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In remarks made during a White House briefing on Friday, President Obama summarized the history of CIA abusive practices in the wake of the 9/11 attacks by asking people to remember "how afraid people" were at the time after he acknowledged plainly, "We tortured some folks."

And The Elephant Cried

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Raju, an elephant in India that cried when rescued after 50 years of cruelty, was not an isolated incident; more than 2,000 elephants endure similar torture... “Yes, Raju is the tip of the iceberg,” Nikki Sharp, the executive director for Wildlife S.O.S. in the U.S., told GrindTV Outdoor in an email. “I do not have the numbers to prove this fact, but from those I have spoken with, it is estimated that up to 2,000 elephants in India live similarly to Raju. They are chained, beaten and neglected. Most will die in chains. Raju is one of the lucky ones who was rescued and enabled to experience some freedom.

10 Reasons for a Shorter Working Week

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Telecoms billionaire Carlos Slim last week became the latest, perhaps unlikely, advocate of transforming our work-life balance. Speaking at a business conference in Paraguay, Slim suggested that a new three-day working week could and should become the norm. This follows the call for a four-day week from leading UK doctor, John Aston, earlier this month. NEF has long called for shorter and more flexible hours of paid work, firstly in our report 21 Hours and more recently in our book Time on Our Side. Any move towards a shorter working week would need to be implemented gradually, alongside efforts to strengthen wage levels across the economy. But as long as that’s understood, there are clear benefits for environment, economy and society:

Thousands of Gaza Civilians Flee After Israeli Threats

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Thousands fled their homes in Gaza on Sunday after Israel warned them to leave ahead of threatened attacks on densely populated neighborhoods where Israel claims rocket-launching sites are located. Sunday has been the bloodiest day yet of the six-day Israeli assault which Palestinian officials said has killed at least 166 people including 30 children. Sure we can expect new migration waves - so how come we don't see migrants as a consequence of how we are living in this world?

The Other's Child

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Israel vowed revenge for the murder of three abducted teens, and swiftly, fiercely they have taken it: Within days and sometimes hours, they have killed at least eight young Palestinians, demolished the homes of the families of two Hamas suspects, announced sweeping new settlements, and pounded Gaza in over 30 missile attacks. Amnesty International has called for justice for the teens, not random, illegal collective punishment. Many others have called out a selective sympathy that more deeply feels, mourns and condemns the unfathomable loss of one child, any child - tragically, a pain many Israeli and Palestinian families share - over another. "While everyone will remember Gilad, Naftali and Eyal, no one will remember Ali, Mohammad or Mustafa," writes one observer. "They will become "digits in a casualty data collection... whose killers will never be named or brought to trial." So, too, for Nadim Nuwara, 17, a Palestinian protester killed by Israeli forces, who in his short life "survived a premature birth and a car accident, but did not survive the occupation." "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." - Mahatma Gandhi

Warning: Corporate Interests Are Not Public Interests

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The modern-day conflation of corporate and public interests forms the bedrock of what is likely the most dangerous ideology to afflict humanity. Domestically, it creates a "predator" economic system which disembowels the public domain by creating “new” markets which unnecessarily imperil the public’s health, safety, freedom, and material well-being. Internationally, it manifests itself as corporate-driven imperial conquest which divides and ruins target countries as it destabilizes political economies globally. Corporate profit is the foundation of this ideology. Beneath the lies of the corporatocracy is directionless profit-making that is oblivious to—if not contemptuous of—common sense and the public’s best interests.

The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats by Nick Hanauer

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But let’s speak frankly to each other. I’m not the smartest guy you’ve ever met, or the hardest-working. I was a mediocre student. I’m not technical at all—I can’t write a word of code. What sets me apart, I think, is a tolerance for risk and an intuition about what will happen in the future. Seeing where things are headed is the essence of entrepreneurship. And what do I see in our future now? I see pitchforks. At the same time that people like you and me are thriving beyond the dreams of any plutocrats in history, the rest of the country—the 99.99 percent—is lagging far behind. The divide between the haves and have-nots is getting worse really, really fast. In 1980, the top 1 percent controlled about 8 percent of U.S. national income. The bottom 50 percent shared about 18 percent. Today the top 1 percent share about 20 percent; the bottom 50 percent, just 12 percent.

Inequality Begins at Birth

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There is new biological evidence that a high-stress environment for very young children does not simply affect cultural and psychological conditions that predispose the poor to failure; it can also affect the architecture of the brain, changing the actual neurological functioning and quantity of brain matter.

MPs freeze beer prices in Parliament AGAIN despite £7m a year taxpayer subsidy

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Booze prices in the Commons have been frozen again - even though MPs' food and drink is subsidised by millions of pounds a year. Taxpayers are forced to stump up £7million a year to keep restaurant and bar bills down in Parliament. This allows pints of beer to cost as little as £2.90 in the Commons and Lords' exclusive riverside bars.

Controversial smartphone app for children age 12 'promotes gold-digging, bondage-inspired lingerie and flirting for rewards'

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A smartphone game that encourages girls to dress sexily and go on dates with 'hot guys' in the hope of becoming models has come under fire for promoting the wrong values to girls. Star Girl, which has 1.3million likes on Facebook and was until recently aimed at children aged four+ on iTunes, is now rated 12+ but is played by thousands of young children. It invites children to step 'into the high heels of an aspiring celebrity who is setting out to build her career as a superstar while having a ton of fun along the way'.

Blogs Education and Solutions

Living On Stolen Money – Decision or Consequence?

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One of the solutions we’re able to implement is a minimum wage, and not just any minimum wage, but a big minimum wage with which one can buy luxurious items, start a family and make one’s life comfortable and enjoyable. Manual labor such as working for McDonald’s, or similar, shouldn’t be awarded with a salary that merely puts one on the breadline. Instead dedicating oneself to contributing to society should be awarded amply; it should be more profitable to live honestly than to make living as a criminal.

Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People

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This is the First Significant Innovation on Monetary Policy since the Invention of Central Banking! Most economists agree that Cash Transfers from a Central Bank would stimulate Demand. There is NO Reason for Governments to Not try Cash Transfers out! We require the courage, the intelligence and Leadership to try something New – we fully agree, it is about time we stop living in crisis modality and start supporting win-win solutions coming from Central Banks. It IS possible, so why aren’t we doing this already?

After Extreme Weather, Living Income Stands

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"Whether you are in between jobs, in an area hit by extreme weather, or simply unable to find work at the moment, all are entitled to the condition that provides a basic living ability; a right to have access to your basic HUMAN RIGHTS. No one should have to be without, and no one should have to fear going without. It is our duty as a society, as humanity, to ensure all are cared for in the times when it's needed most - because within that is the principle of 'do unto another as you would have done unto yourself'."

Living Income Guaranteed and Taxation - From Redistribution to Contribution

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Within such a system, the focus changes from ‘redistribution’ to plain ‘contribution’. It’s not about trying to equalize incomes and moving it from the rich to the poor – but a matter of: if you make more use of the economic system, you proportionally contribute more to sustain it. One likes to believe that one’s wealth is derived from merit alone – but it simply isn’t. There is an entire economic system in place that enables a successful person to be successful. There are those who have gone before you, who have shared their know-how with you, there are those who have an income to buy your goods or services, an income they earned through participation in the economic system, there is physical infrastructure like roads and railway systems that enable all economic activity. If the economic system was self-sustaining and never required any financial input in order to maintain it or correct its inherent weaknesses, then we could say the economic system is a free one. Obviously, that is not the case. The ‘pay as you go’ tax is therefore a reasonable method of collecting the funds to be re-invested within the economic system that each one depends on.

The Theory of Economy

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Thus, what we must ask ourselves, and economists more importantly, is why have we never used our knowledge to produce a sustainable system where all of us are able to create a life that is dignified, cool and enjoyable? What is required for us to do that? MONEY – and what do we need to bring through such money into this world? Resources – so what is then the solution – the real economic master plan as to how to create a world that would be sustainable and practical for all its inhabitants? To agree that we share the resources – at least the basic and most essential resources – those that we MUST HAVE in order to live.

Nice Guys Will Finish First– Living Income Guaranteed

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It’s about time that we completely get this notion of ‘The Survival of the Fittest’ as our starting point in reality out of the equation and rather realize that it is cooperation and reciprocity and mutual benefit that creates the real success, that is and should have always been the law of how this physical world and ecosystems operate – that is what makes it prevail, function and be sustainable – not the constant wars fighting to get each other’s land, money, territory, wives, etc. because it really exists at all levels in our minds: constant competition, constant desire to retaliate, constantly ‘watching out’ what the others’ move are so that we can then decide how we act

The Elite is not The Enemy but our Wake Up Call to Global Change

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I couldn’t help but notice how my email Inbox has changed in the last 5 years, I went from news about suggested self-serving intangible changes like positive thinking and energetics and conspiracy theories to receiving most of my emails about people rising up and getting involved to seek solutions that are real, physical and that consider that Life on this planet must be taken into account in everything we do, if we want real sustainable change.

Food Forests Could Bring Healthy Organic Food To Everyone – For Free

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Food forests or Forest gardening have been around for a long time with many of the native cultures practicing this form of sustainable agriculture. It is a form of low-maintenance plant-based food production which replicates natural ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, running vines and perennial vegetables. Beneficial plants and companion planting is a big part of the food forest system.

Living Income Guaranteed: Jesus and the Fallen Soldier

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I am not religious but I do remember a story from my youth when Jesus ‘cries’ over a fallen soldier (the supposed enemy) and his followers are perplexed, upset, and even become angered by his show of compassion. What he was showing us was that, in equality each loss of life is as tragic- or not- as any other loss of life. Simple, do unto another as you would have them do unto you, love your neighbor as yourself.

Privatization and Passivity

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The targeting of Detroit families is about something else. It is a ruthless case of the shock doctrine – the exploitation of natural or unnatural shocks of crisis to push through pro-corporate policies that couldn't happen in any other circumstance…. and that. The water shut-offs are a way to make the balance-sheet more attractive in the lead up to its privatization.

PayCheck To Paycheck No More! Living Income Guaranteed

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In this, providing a Living Income implies providing the essential support that will enable us to have our physical necessities satisfied. However, it is also important to consider that giving the money per se won’t solve the origin of the problems such as parental abuse. This will require parental counseling support, providing proper education for parents as well as a supportive education system, so that families can become a proper foundation for children’s development and so also ensure that the money given as Children’s Living Income is used to cover the process of taking responsibility for one’s well-being as well as for the purposes of the inherent familiar stability, which is also necessary for a healthy upbringing at home and in schools.

Consumer or Creator?

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Today most luxury buyers, “detest the old values conveyed by the word luxury—the idea of ostentation or the evidence of conspicuous consumption, for instance—yet they do want to treat themselves, to enjoy fine products and experiences for their own sake, and to share those products and experiences with family and good friends.” And 55% of global consumers surveyed by Neilson claim they are willing to pay extra for products or services from companies that contribute to social or environmental causes. So how can this positive trend be redirected toward intentional spending to rescue real people who are really dying, right now? The Living Income Guaranteed would provide the basic foundation so that everyone can, at minimum, live a decent life: finally, a new definition of luxury

Inside Italy’s Secret Toxic Waste Scandal

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57 municipalities between Naples and Caserta signed the Land of Fires Pact on July 11, 2013. But the truth is that no one knows in how many places and where the toxic waste has been buried in the area over the years. ARPAC, the Campania environmental agency, has found more than 2,000 contaminated sites.

Hiding Our Economic Apartheid in Plain Sight

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If we live in a world where Money decides who lives where, what one can eat, drink, what one has access to, what kind of health-care one can afford for themselves and their children, who can travel and who cannot, which passports are worth more than others and to whom we apply travelling restrictions in fear they may try to move across those lines looking for a better life – Why do we get so surprised that there are separate doors for rich and poor inside the upmarket blocks of flats?

Common Sense and Corporate Tyranny

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Corporations, unlike a real person, can live for hundreds of years. They can grow and accumulate wealth and power. Corporate lawyers invoke the personhood status or not at their convenience thereby allowing them to be whatever they want according to the circumstances.

How an Unequal Vocabulary Creates an Unqual World.

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When looking at what creates the achievement gap in relation to vocabulary development, researchers often discuss the lack of cognitive stimuli that is prevalent in low-income households due to the academic, social and even emotional incapacity of parents. What is not often discussed is how that lack of stimuli and the ‘dumbing down’ it perpetuates – is generational and cyclical and that it is propagated by the very education system that claims to attempt to minimize the achievement gap.

The Community Rights Movement of Common Sense

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Self-government is a right granted to us within the U.S. Bill of Rights. We have neglected to exercise our right to self-governance. Who do our elected officials really serve: is it “we the people” or is it corporate entities? Clarifying the allegiance of our elected officials is the first step in reclaiming our right to authentic representational government. Direct democracy is really a restoration of rights we need only reclaim – to assert our right to self governance and to really ask ourselves, what is government for, who should it serve and what is it really about?

The End of Corporations as “Persons” under the Law and more!

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The wide spread impact of the community rights movement is growing and it is exciting. As local communities champion common sense with regard to our natural resources and our rights as individuals and communities, little by little – one plus one – we are protecting our environment and securing an equitable future. We can stop unconventional gas drilling, we can stop pollution from factory farms, we can stop prisons that have instituted what amounts to slave labor – and we can do all this when we reclaim what is rightfully ours and what is protected within our Bill of Rights.

Living Income Guaranteed: What If There Is a Financial Collapse?

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To my understanding, this is what would or could happen: most-if not all-who have money invested in the stock market or bonds etc. will lose their money, the value of your home will diminish to the point of loss (you owe more than it is worth), you lose your job, pensions will be lost. The elite will shout for all to ‘not lose hope’ insisting ‘we can re-build’ and indeed we could but why re-build the same system of capitalism (based on greed, indifference to your fellow man, hierarchy, business and governmental wealth/ control in the hands of the few) that caused the mess in the first place?

The (M)Economy and The Rational Consumerism

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When we change how we behave on a individual basis, we change one brick in the wall that is the economy, or MEconomy, and this change will ripple out into the rest of this world. This is a process we must take upon ourselves to walk, because it’s quite obvious that unless we are willing to take responsibility for how we handle our money, how can we ask from any of the corporations in this world, that they take responsibility for the way that they want us to use our money?

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