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Europe's Record Youth Unemployment: The Scariest Graph in the World Just Got Scarier

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The EU unemployment rate set a new all-time high of 12.2 percent, according to today's estimates. But it's the youth unemployment crisis that's truly terrifying. In Spain, unemployment surged past 56 percent, and Greece now leads the rich world with an astonishing 62.5 percent of its youth workforce out of a job Youth unemployment is bad for all the obvious reasons, including the big loss to future productivity and earnings. But Europe's youth unemployment is strange, because we've never seen a generation *this educated* also be this unemployed. Nearly 40 percent of Spain's 20-and early-30-somethings are college educated. In Greece, it's 30 percent. Europe's crisis -- clearly worsened by its austerity obsession -- is an absurd waste of the most educated generation in the continent's history.

Unemployment Rates in Countries Around the World

Definitions of "employed person" and "unemployed person" can make this concept complicated. For example, a person who loses well-paid full-time work, cannot find similar work, and settles for a job at one-tenth of the pay doing part-time work, is classified as "employed." Many economists assert that, if such "hidden unemployed" or the "underemployed" are taken into account, the actual unemployment rate may be much higher than official statistics suggest. Additionally, economic reports from individual countries or compiled by different organizations may involve different measures of unemployment. Finally, the "normal" or "acceptable" rate of unemployment within one country can be different from that in another country, or between countries at different points in an economic cycle.

List of countries by unemployment rate

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Note that different states, NGOs, and agencies estimate unemployment rates using different definitions and methodologies. Given the dramatic differences in cultural attitudes towards the workforce and working conditions that exist even between Western countries, a definition of unemployment that is both descriptive and objective probably does not exist. Questions like how is a part-time job counted, how long until someone is out of the workforce, and the status of subsistence living have not been agreed upon. In short, these figures are not directly comparable.

'Five depots closing... awesome teamwork, courageous leadership': Tesco distribution boss tweets his delight after pushing through 2,000 job losses

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'I find it sad that a company that I have had huge respect for seems to be so callous in their treatment of workers, many of whom have given more than 20 years of service to Tesco. 'I shall tell Tesco that given what has happened here in Harlow and the upset it has caused to many people, your senior managers appear to be wallowing in what they have done.'

Mandela - The End of an Era?

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The father of democracy. The bringer of freedom. A freedom fighter. An icon. A legend. A leader. An advocate for peace. A role model. What will we do without him?

Fury as Tesco sells horror-themed colouring book ‘for five-year-olds’ with scenes from The Shining and The Silence Of The Lambs

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Tesco has apologised after a horror-themed colouring book featuring gruesome pictures of blood, knives and screaming victims was marketed at children as young as five. The book, called Colour Me Good - Arrggghhhh!!, features graphic drawings to colour in taken from famous horror films, including the man with nails in his head from Hellraiser, the woman holding a knife by her face from Misery, and a straitjacketed Anthony Hopkins in The Silence Of The Lambs.

Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – The War on Cancer

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'In 1904, only one American in 24 had cancer in his lifetime. In the 35 years since I cured myself of terminal pancreatic cancer and guided some 33,000 cancer victims to health, the CANCER RATE has increased from one in five, to now, as you read this, the CANCER RATE is one in two. And the Cancer Industry calls this Progress Against Cancer — the lie, the big lie. The War on Cancer is the plundering war of our peoples, not a war on cancer.” Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

Top 10 Food Frauds: Hidden Formaldehyde, Plastic Threads, Melamine and Caustic Soda Found in Commonly Consumed Fare

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As food production costs continue to skyrocket due to struggling economies, fuel prices and extreme weather, manufacturers worldwide are becoming creative. Regrettably, this imaginative process includes such measures as substituting horse (or donkey) meat for beef, plastic threads for saffron, and phthalates for food-grade oil. Honey is diluted with high fructose corn syrup. Extra virgin olive oil is cut with lard. Blueberries are faked. The list documenting rampant food frauds could go on forever.

Metaphysical Fascism

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Life has news for us: to separate ourselves from our breath and what is needed to be done to create decency for all, through elevating “consciousness” as greater than this objective, physical reality – and then to go so far as to hold that “we live in illusion” and that “consciousness” holds the key to a “greater” experience of life – is Metaphysical Fascism: the merger of ego and self-interest masquerading as benevolence and love. Real love, real benevolence requires real life action and real life action plans. That’s why I support the Basic Income Grant. Check it out, see for yourself, and see why BIG is our best chance to support all life at this time and in this place.

If You Weren’t Outraged by GM Bailout, You Will Be Now

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So we spend over 50 billion to save a company only worth 28 billion and in a show of gratitude they ship thousands of US jobs out of the country. Where are the UAW? If they were truly concerned about their members, wouldn’t they protest this? Well, no. Obama paid them off with a 17.5% stake in GM. (4.9 billion dollars minus kickbacks to the democratic party) It’s bad enough the union chose to sell it’s soul to the highest bidder, but they also sold the future of many of their members.

Capitalism's "One-Track Mind" for Profits

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In his address in Costa Rica, Obama addressed the issue of development in Central America, including the improvement of infrastructure and the increase in trade and foreign investment. But he didn't say a thing about the ways in which neoliberal policies have fueled widespread poverty and unrest. These policies have continually favored oligarchic elites: American businesses and all seven [1] Central American countries would increase the profits of the wealthy few. All seven of these Central American countries are ruled by wealthy conservatives, including El Salvador (President Funes) and Nicaragua (President Ortega), who nonetheless rely on wealthy conservatives for electoral votes.

Interplanetary Purchasing

There is no denying that the human race is a curious one, nor can one claim that our innate curiosity is "bad" or "good" - but what is certain is that until we create a global equality of living standards (at the very least), our curiosity is best suited to improving said living standards.

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