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Fifteen payday loan firms close after watchdog orders them to prove they do not rip off customers

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Fifteen out of 50 payday lenders have quit rather than prove their business practices are up to scratch, after a watchdog ordered them to show that they act responsibly. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said that 14 of the lenders have told it that they are leaving the payday market and another firm which failed to meet the deadline has said it is no longer operating as a lender. The watchdog has been carrying out a probe into 'deep-rooted' problems within the industry, such as lenders encouraging struggling borrowers to roll over loans they cannot afford so that the debt balloons.

Revealed: 36 hospital wards where care is so bad patients would warn loved ones to stay away

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Doctors and nurses have been warned by David Cameron that ‘standards are not good enough' after one in three patients said they would not recommend their local hospital to family and friends. The Prime Minister said the new test would give a single measure for the quality of NHS care across the country. The first set of results revealed patients in 36 hospital wards across England would not recommend them to loved ones.

The last kings of Africa: How Nigeria's tribal monarchs still live in lavish royal splendour (even though they lost power 50 years ago)

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The easiest way I could approach this was to look at the monarchy structure in the country because they are closer to the people than the governors.' While their ancestors ruled over vast tracts of Africa, following the abolition of the monarchy in 1963 the regional monarchs were stripped of all their constitutional powers. But far from fading into obscurity, they mostly remain popular leaders and are held in great regard by their hundreds of thousands of loyal subjects. And despite lacking any formal powers they continue to wield considerable influence and serve as unofficial intermediaries between their subjects and the Nigerian government.

Energy firms slammed by MPs over their confusing tariffs that mean many customers are unable to work out if they are getting a good deal

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The report - by the Energy and Climate Change Committee - was published as it emerged complaints from homeowners struggling with huge gas and electricity debts have soared to record highs - more than doubling in five years. Figures from charities revealed they are receiving thousands of calls from homeowners unable to pay their energy bills after being hit with large price hikes.

Chinese workers' group accuses Apple of ignoring pledges to protect staff and continuing to use sweatshops to make iPhones

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China Labour Watch said its investigation covered two factories in Shanghai and one in Suzhou, a nearby city, that employ a total of 70,000 people. It found violations including discrimination against ethnic minorities and women, excessive work hours, poor living conditions, health and safety problems and pollution. Pegatron assembles products including the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 for Apple, according to the report.

MoD spends £325m sprucing up its offices: Huge sum spent while soldiers live in dilapidated homes

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More than £325million has been spent running plush Ministry of Defence offices while soldiers and their families live in dilapidated homes. Defence chiefs are forking out huge amounts of taxpayers' money on lavish offices with marble and stone floors, a fully-equipped gym, restaurant and coffee bars so civil servants work in comfort. Yet troops must endure ageing barracks with leaking roofs, broken boilers, faulty wiring, cracked windows and damp.

MPs' £120k of freebies: They enjoy junkets at Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, the Olympics, Baftas... and even pheasant shooting

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Freebie-loving MPs have cashed in on corporate hospitality, enjoying junkets worth £120,000 in the past year. As well as receiving free tickets to major sporting events, they were also treated to pheasant shooting weekends, seats at awards ceremonies and even the use of a Jaguar. Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union, said: ‘MPs should not be living the high life while workers struggle.'

That's a bit rich: Only 28 per cent of millionaires think they're wealthy

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The study found that investors defined wealth not as having a finite amount of money but rather having 'no financial constraints on their activities.' This may seem strange to those of us who don't inhabit the rarefied world of millionaires, especially when you consider that the median household income in the U.S. is $51,500 per annum. But according to David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer-prize winning author specializing in economics and tax, living as a millionaire among millionaires creates a chronic case of 'keeping up with the Joneses'.

The Tories are just as desperate as Labour to hide the real truth about immigration

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Want to know how many people are currently living in Britain? Well, just put your finger up to the wind and pick a number. Any number.Because that’s pretty well as near as dammit the way the Government has been estimating the number of immigrants coming to the UK. A report by the Public Administration Select Committee has said that migration figures used by ministers could not be trusted, and described the key measurement of migration as ‘little better than a best guess’. The reason they didn’t ask the right questions to find out what the immigration figures really were is almost certainly that they didn’t want to know the answer.

Women lead table of bankruptcies among under-35s as household bills mount

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Young women are going bankrupt at twice the rate of young men, official figures reveal. Almost 7,300 women under the age of 35 took out a Debt Relief Order (DRO) - a form of bankruptcy - over mounting loans and bills last year. In contrast, only 3,807 men took out the same order, which is often dubbed ‘bankruptcy light’ because it costs four times less than normal bankruptcy orders. Introduced in 2009, people taking out a DRO must owe less than £15,000, and have assets of less than £300, excluding a car worth less than £1,000.

‘Bargain’ on Immigration Would Feed Prison Profits

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"The supposed grand bargain of the immigration reform bill is shaping up to be a lucrative deal for prisons. As a compromise between “border security” and “amnesty,” the comprehensive reform plan emerging in Congress ties the “legalization” of millions of migrants to the prospective criminalization of millions more. While the bill produces new citizens, the “security” measures would produce more prisoners, conveniently filling tens of thousands of detention beds, many of them run by for-profit contractors on the public’s dime."

'I am private eye who spied for financiers protected by police'

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A private investigator at the centre of a row over a secret list of blue-chip companies that hired corrupt private detectives has claimed they are being protected by the police. Graham Freeman, one of four private detectives jailed last year for stealing confidential information on behalf of big business clients, says publication of the names of the companies would rock the City and lead to high-profile prosecutions. He claims the police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) are also reluctant to release the details because it would expose their own failure to investigate serious fraud allegations over years.

'Disney World can keep better track of its visitors than Britain': Immigration policy attacked after report reveals figures rely on counting just 12 people a day

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Britain is less able to keep track of its visitors than Disney World, it was claimed last night, as a scathing report exposed the failings of official immigration statistics. Crucial estimates of arrivals from overseas rely on random interviews carried out with just 12 people passing through ports and airports each day – and even they may be lying, MPs said. Ministers were warned they should not base their controversial immigration target – to limit population growth to the tens of thousands every year – on such shaky figures.

'Obscene': Bipartisan Effort to Profit on Student Debt Blasted by Critics

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The White House is being disingenuous and is trying to sweep under the rug big increases in interest rates for students and parents in the near future,” Sanders said. “Because college costs are out of control and interest rates are rising, students are leaving college deep in debt or in some cases choosing not to continue their education because they cannot afford it,” Sanders added.

As Detroit Drowns, GOP says: 'Bailouts For Banks, Not People'

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Rising numbers of Republicans are declaring that the city has dug its own grave and does not deserve federal help. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) declared Thursday that Congress must not, under any circumstance, "bail out Detroit or any American city that mismanages its public finances." Yet, when Wall Street took a hit from its self-made 2008 financial crisis—which devastated towns and cities across the US, including Detroit—Republicans and Democrats stood behind a massive federal bailout of big banks, pushed forward under George W. Bush, with President Obama picking up the baton.

A Path to Nowhere: Study Shows Limited Career Ladder in Fast Food Industry - by Mijin Cha

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According to new data from the National Employment Law Project, occupational mobility within the industry is extremely limited. As the chart below shows, while managerial, professional and technical occupations make up 31.1 percent of jobs throughout the economy, they make up only 2.2. percent of jobs in the fast food industry. The vast majority of jobs, in the fast food industry are front-line occupations, i.e. cashier, cook, or crew, with a median hourly wage of $8.94.

Archbishop vows to withdraw CofE pension fund from Wonga after revelation that church has a stake in the payday loan firm

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The Archbishop of Canterbury today admitted he was 'embarrassed' to discover that the Church of England had a stake in controversial payday lender Wonga. The Most Rev Justin Welby has declared war on companies charging inflated rates of interest and vowed to expand credit unions to act as an alternative, in a move backed by the Government. But yesterday it emerged that the CoE's pension fund invests in one of Wonga's key financial backers - and the Archbishop said today that the Church must 'ensure this doesn't happen again'.

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