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News Why World Change is Necessary

The Shocking Redistribution of Wealth in the Past Five Years - by Paul Buchheit

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Evidence of Our Growing Wealth Inequality This first fact is nearly ungraspable: In 2009 the average wealth for almost half of American families was ZERO (their debt exceeded their assets). In 1983 the families in America's poorer half owned an average of about $15,000. But from 1983 to 1989 median wealth fell from over $70,000 to about $60,000. From 1998 to 2009, fully 80% of American families LOST wealth. They had to borrow to stay afloat.

The U.S. Government Uses Sweatshops, Too

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A recent audit by labor monitoring authorities found workers as young as 15 at a factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that produces clothes to be sold by the Army and Air Force. Some workers spoke to the Times of having to work long shifts without breaks, forcing them to soil themselves while sewing. The Times also reported evidence of child labor in another Bangladesh factory commissioned to produce Marine Corps-branded shirts. And at yet another facility, this one making clothes for the General Services Administration—which supplies uniforms for more than a dozen federal agencies—beatings of workers were reportedly frequent, as was the often brutal suppression of labor organization. Both facilities lacked proper fire protections.

'Nothing to Live For': Youth Unemployment, Depression, and Austerity

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Youth facing long-term unemployment are more than two times as likely as their peers to believe they have nothing to live for at a rate of 21 percent, finds a report (pdf) released Thursday by the UK-based youth charity Prince's Trust. In 2,161 interviews with UK-based young people aged 16 to 25 years old, the organization found that "40 per cent of jobless young people have faced these symptoms of mental illness – including suicidal thoughts, feelings of self-loathing and panic attacks – as a direct result of unemployment."

First-time buyers now need £31,000 deposit - 77% higher than at the peak of the housing bubble in 2007

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First-time buyers put down deposits averaging nearly £31,000 last year as house prices continue to soar, a report has revealed. The figure is 77 per cent higher than at the peak of the housing bubble in 2007, and around £10,000 more than the average twenty-something in full-time employment earns in a year. Those who can afford to save £200 a month would have to save for 13 years before they could afford to buy.

The sobering truth about why we can't resist a drink

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Meantime, you get loud and coarse and dance on tables with your knickers on your head, the cerebral cortex becomes atrophied, the liver and pancreas explode, the kidneys shrivel like walnuts, everyone gets addicted - alcohol-related disease costs $220 billion annually in North America alone.

Capitalism Is Too Good a Name to Describe Neo-Liberal Ideology

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'In science, a theory is abandoned or substantially modified if it does not concur with the emerging facts, fails to predict important events, or is contradicted by experiments. That, alas, does not seem to apply to economic theories. Many of the leading lights of free-market (neo-liberal) capitalism were asserting before the crash that the market had correctly valued property, shares, derivatives and other exotic products that the “moneymen” were engaged in trading in. They failed spectacularly to predict the 2008 crash, the second largest economic crisis in history, after the great depression. You would think, wouldn’t you, that those high priests of neo-liberal economics would now be contrite, admit that their models of the market and human behaviour are wrong, or at least are in need of serious modification. Not a bit of it, they just carry on regardless, as if the crash never happened.'

Holiday in Austerity Land: 1.3 Million Americans Lose Jobless Benefits

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Imagine a country that, during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, abandons those hit hardest by economic turbulence, and you have a sense of what the United States has become under the cruel hand not just of House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan – who refused to agree to any budget deal that included an extension of benefits – and those members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, who compromised with the failed Republican vice presidential candidate’s austerity agenda.

Ed Miliband's energy department 'spent cash like a drunk on a Friday night' as figures reveal a £125,000 bill for travel and hotel stays in NINE months

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Labour leader Ed Miliband has been accused of wasting taxpayers' money after spending £125,000 in nine months on travel and hotels. The then Energy Secretary's team of ministers and civil servants splashed the cash during the last Government, The Sun reported. They have been accused of 'champagne socialism' after a series of bills were made public under Freedom of Information laws.

Canada’s Seniors Being Ignored

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Are they kidding? This is how you treat the backbone of society? These men and women worked hard their whole lives, paid taxes their whole lives (funded those hefty bonuses paid to the politicians they were trusting), funded the schools, the hospitals, the roads and so much more. They are now retired and would like some rest and peace, instead many are faced with poverty, more financial struggle, stress and anxiety. Not to mention they are having a difficult time getting around, as in the physical conditions that come with aging, many live alone and face these physical struggles and emotional fear by themselves. Ontario Finance Minister, Charles Sousa, said Ontario believes a change is urgently needed now, “Over 50 per cent of Ontarians do not have a pension plan. They’re going to be fully reliant on CPP (Canada Pension Plan) to provide for them and at $12,000 a year, that is insufficient,” he told CBC News.

A MILLION people over 65 are at risk of malnutrition, warns charity

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'Dianne Jeffrey, chairman of the Malnutrition Task Force and of Age UK, said: 'Eating and drinking properly is critical to being healthy and remaining independent. Yet malnutrition goes untreated and diagnosed in nearly one million older people in England. Health minister Dan Poulter added: 'Many people think of malnutrition as a problem that only affects the Third World. But the reality is that over three million people in the UK have the potential to become malnourished - many of whom are frail and elderly.'

The Cambridge graduates grateful to earn £7 an hour as Amazon drones

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Ben reveals, working grueling shifts in a warehouse is often the only job they can get At Amazon, I am paid £7 an hour and have to work 55 hours a week, with no choice of when I do them. If I'm lucky, though, I can pick between day or night shifts. Far from being surrounded by uneducated manual workers, I am pushing my trolley alongside law graduates, classicists and mathematicians, many from top universities like mine.

Insatiable hunger for the latest tablets and phones produced 48.9 MILLION tonnes of waste last year

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Last year consumers from around the world threw away 48.9million tonnes of electrical and electronic goods, and this figure is set to rise by a third by the end of 2017. This would mean the number of fridges, TVs, mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electrical products being thrown away could fill a line of 40-tonne trucks stretching three quarters of the way around the Equator - or 18,600 miles.

Plight of the Syrian refugees dying of cold in Lebanon after authorities refuse to grant their camps official recognition

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The season's first snow settled in parts of Lebanon this week, giving refugee children who have fled the war in Syria the opportunity for a snowball fight outside their tents. But, children's games aside, the winter weather heaped another layer of misery on the already grim existence of many of the estimated one million Syrians in Lebanon who have fled the civil war raging in their homeland.

On Latin American Poverty and Fracking, American University Disregards Scholarly Standards

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Academic safeguards like peer review and stringent ethical codes have not prevented scholars from presenting false and misleading information about the country. For example, Venezuela is often portrayed as an economic basket case, despite clear evidence that during the past decade, it has experienced a respectable real per capita income growth rate of 2.7 percent annually, has slashed poverty and unemployment in half, and has reduced income inequality to the lowest in Latin America.

America, Genocide, and the “National Interest”

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Nothing can excuse the outrageous failure to prevent genocide. The United States needs to stop selectively condemning countries only when it is in its own supposed interest to do so. It needs to create a uniform standard for condemning human rights violations. And it needs to recognize the jurisdiction of the ICJ, as well as the International Criminal Court. If that means taking responsibility — and risk — for being held to account for its own violations of human rights, then all the better.

If Nelson Mandela Really Had Won, He Wouldn't Be Seen as a Universal Hero

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'..Sportsmen and politicians from Bill Clinton to Fidel Castro are all united in his beatification. Is this, however, the whole story? Two key facts remain obliterated by this celebratory vision. In South Africa, the miserable life of the poor majority broadly remains the same as under apartheid, and the rise of political and civil rights is counterbalanced by the growing insecurity, violence and crime. The main change is that the old white ruling class is joined by the new black elite. Second, people remember the old African National Congress that promised not only the end of apartheid, but also more social justice, even a kind of socialism. This much more radical ANC past is gradually obliterated from our memory.

Blogs Education and Solutions

The Real Bill to Pay for Human Rights

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Living Income Guaranteed by Equal Life Foundation is certainly not only ‘giving money to everyone,’ but the economic and political foundation to make of it a sustainable provision of our Right to Life. This is also why LIG is also based on a new foundation for human principles and values written out in a whole new Bill of Rights, declaring the recognition of Life in Equality, which means that the provision of a Living Income is the way to ensure that no one ever goes hungry, homeless, in debt, healthcare less, jobless or resorts to crime as a result of not being granted their right to life

Where Will Following China’s Example Lead Us?

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The Chinese education system is build around the country’s so-called socialistic ideals where the young are educated to join the army of worker bees that tirelessly slave away to support the country’s economy to continue rising, more and more resembling a capitalist economy, though with a communistic twist. The question is whether it is the best of either worlds or the worst?

Swiss Migration and those Italian Rats

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We should have realized by now that the phenomena of migration is just the Musical Chair Game, the reason people are moving around the world is not for tourism or because they desire to merge with another culture, even less for the want to ‘dilute’ the culture of a country as the Swiss suggested, the moving engine of migration is NEED, people move around the world because they don’t have enough where they come from, they don’t have enough for their families, they don’t have enough to live a fear-free life, they can’t access a proper health-care system or a satisfactory education system, sometimes they can’t even access a violence-free life, so they move around the world looking for more and better living conditions. Can we blame them?

Are We Really Free?

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It’s also not possible to say the freedom exists for those lucky few that have managed to accumulate so much wealth that they do not have to work a single hour more in their life – because these people are just as much as everyone else a prisoner of their own fear, a prisoner of their own greed – unable to live for real because they fear what they might loose.

Politics and Living Income Guaranteed

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It is by no coincidence that there is mostly a bipartisan structure in countries giving the illusion of choice and diversity, as this is how we have remained divided and conquered, by opposing one another through ideologies, beliefs, charismatic leaders, ‘exceptionalist’ ideologies that leads to supremacy and ultimately a real abuse of power – but, it’s not to see ‘those in power’ as the ones to blame, but rather let’s point our finger back at each one of us that have allowed this creation, abuse and corruption of our lives (our power) as it exists now.

A Living Income for Difficult Times

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Imagine: You are now a single parent, paying legal fees to ensure the child stays in the safety of your home, you cannot count on family for child care, as they are already given you a place to stay. You have to work so you have to pay for someone to care for the child while you work. All the while, facing the internal struggles of what this situation is showing you - is there any hope for the future? How can you provide for the child alone? What is the main point within all of this... money.

LebensEinkommen garantiert Unternehmensgewinne

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Damit das ‘LebensEinkommen Garantiert’ Erfolg haben kann, brauchen wir ein Wirtschaftsmodell, das wirkungsvoll sehr genauen Regularien folgt. Genauso wie man Nahrungsmittel reguliert und sie zum Beispiel als ‘Zum Verzehr geeignet’ zertifiziert, müssen wir die gleichen Prinzipien bei Unternehmungen anwenden und sie als ‘Für die Wirtschaft geeignet’ zertifizieren. Dabei wird man Wege finden müssen, die gewährleisten, dass Unternehmen nicht auf der Ideologie des Wettbewerbs basieren, sondern eher auf dem Grundsatz von Gewinn und Qualität.

How to Prevent Immigration Problems with Living Income Guaranteed

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Nations that currently face the most influx of immigrants should directly endorse and support poorer countries to implement a Living Income Guaranteed model, so that long-term solutions are implemented by supporting other countries to stand on their own feet. This is part of what organisms like the UN should look into, as this will not only curb immigration but also support peace between nations.

Do We Have a True Democracy in Canada? The Solution: Part 4

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News flash, we already have lost something, the ability to earn a decent income and experience a life worth living, we have lost True Democracy in Canada. LIG is based on the principals of democracy and capitalism, a governance for/of the people AND for the planet, a system of BALANCE, awareness and accountability.

LIG - Canada’s Seniors Being Ignored

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Are they kidding? This is how you treat the backbone of society? These men and women worked hard their whole lives, paid taxes their whole lives (funded those hefty bonuses paid to the politicians they were trusting), funded the schools, the hospitals, the roads and so much more. They are now retired and would like some rest and peace, instead many are faced with poverty, more financial struggle, stress and anxiety.

Happiness in Capitalism Is Possible for Everyone with Living Income Guaranteed

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Our definition of economics requires to introduce this idea of restoring – or implementing for the very first time – the necessary notion of general well being that comes with proper management, use and distribution of resources to enable a healthy functioning of our society and the financial relationships that we generate in order to provide each other with our necessary means to live, grow and expand while at the same time learning ways to improve ourselves, instead of continuing the current dog-eat-dog mentality that curbs our ability to grow. We have to work together in order to enjoy our life, and that means: taking the economic matters in our own hands.

Living Income Guaranteed and Weapons Production

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When we consider each life equally it will be natural to examine the consequences of the mass production of weapons. Whether it is a hand gun, a muti-million dollar jet or a nuclear bomb, it is clear the intention to human life is to harm and the cost incalculable.

How is that we are going to implement LIG?

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We can no longer ‘wait’ for those who have the means and power to grow a conscience on our behalf. That is why the Equal Life Foundation supports the development of leadership skills so that individuals who see the need for change, can find ways to actively work towards it.

Living Income Guaranteed and Raising Children

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Anyone in a caretaker position will be able to stay at home and focus on such responsibilities, while receiving a Livinng Income Guaranteed that is sufficient, where one won't require to sacrifice time spent with one's family for the purpose of generating an additional income source. The Living Income Guaranteed movement recognizes the fact that parents are not able to spend sufficient time with their children and how this is having a detrimental effect on society, as it influences the development and education of new generations and how they are able to participate in and contribute to society as a whole. Forcing parents to take up employment and placing their children in the care of others is a disservice to the parents, the children and society as whole - thus, with LIG, parents are no longer punished for having a child, but unconditionally supported.

Leefbaar Inkomen Gegarandeerd Voorstel

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Het Leefbaar Inkomen Gegarandeerd is een sociaal zekerheidsnet dat voor iedereen op een noodzakelijke basis beschikbaar is, om het welzijn van de burgers van een land te verzekeren wanneer deze niet in staat zijn om financieel voor zichzelf te zorgen. Dit betekent het garanderen van ons geboorterecht om gebruik te maken van de natuurlijke hulpbronnen om te leven.

Is Economics Too Complicated?

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What happens when more and more people are unable to GIVE and consequently RECEIVE is that poverty widens, because what is easy to see, is that this GIVE and RECEIVE point is not isolated to individuals alone, it’s a circulation that takes place, which means that when one person GIVES money it empowers the RECEIVER to in turn GIVE and so forth. This is the basics of economics – a constant exchange of the things we need, want or desire – which fuels the system and makes more people able to participate in the GIVING and RECEIVING.

How will a Living Income Support College Students?

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To work and to Educate oneself in our current system is unreasonably expensive. Yes we can put ourselves into debt yet is this something that is best for ourselves? I am 28 years old and in my early twenties, was ignorant to the debt system of our world and the consequences of taking out loans and charging credit cards. I am still paying back the debt I accumulated from the beginning of my twenties. With this and now the accumulated student debt, I am not eager to continue to go into debt trying to get an education. From my perspective, it would be best for me to enter my field with the certificates I have and work my way up then to continue putting myself into debt while I continue to get a higher degree.

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