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Gas bills 'sending elderly to hospital': Labour blames rising costs as admissions due to cold-related illness go up by 110,000

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An extra 110,000 patients have been admitted to hospital with cold-related illnesses largely because of rising energy prices, Labour is set to claim today. Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, will blame the Government’s failure to get to grips with the ‘cost of living crisis’ for the raised admissions to A&E. In a speech about the NHS in Birmingham today, he will link the raised admissions for respiratory and circulatory problems with the £300 rise in the average energy bill.

Is Military Spending Justified when People are Freezing in their Homes?

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As winter keeps an enduring, ferocious grip on Minnesota and much of the nation, the price of propane is jumping and all types of furnaces are running extra hard, putting residents like Selleck on the brink of freezing pipes and financial disaster. Administrators of government heat-assistance programs and nonprofits are seeing a spike in requests for help. Propane suppliers already are rationing supplies and natural gas users began feeling the pinch Sunday, when Xcel Energy and other utilities asked customers to conserve fuel in the wake of a Canadian pipeline explosion that has limited the flow of natural gas. CenterPoint Energy is telling customers that January bills for natural gas could be double what they were in December, depending on the customer, spokeswoman Becca Virden said. Selleck got some help from the Salvation Army after he used up his allotment of government heating assistance that is administered through the Lakes and Pines Community Action Council in Mora, Minn. There, staff member Vickie Palmquist said the crisis department is overwhelmed this season with heartbreaking stories. “Clients are calling in and saying ‘We’re keeping it at 50 degrees to make it last longer,’ ” Palmquist said. “When you hear of these little old ladies and little old men that are keeping their house at 50 degrees … I want to take them home and stick them in my … house. I just feel so bad and I can’t do anything and all of us feel like that here and our hands our tied.”

One-fifth of Scots households below basic income level

NEARLY 400,000 households in ­Scotland are living on incomes below the level needed to afford an adequate standard of living ­­- an 18% rise over three years, according to new research. Among the 1.9 million Scottish households whose minimum needs are covered in the research, one in five fell short of this standard in 2011/12, a rise of 70,000 from 2008/9. Anti-poverty campaigners in ­Scotland blamed the rise on benefit cuts and called for a government rethink. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation report examined income adequacy as measured by the Minimum Income Standard (MIS), a gauge to what he public think we all need for a socially acceptable standard of living. The researchers from the Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP) at Loughborough University found that, of the 390,000 households, 88,000 have less than half of MIS, while 212,000 had less than three-quarters of the amount needed.

Column: Minimum wage debate: are workers being paid enough?

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Is this really fair for Americans? More often than not, people blame homelessness and poverty on the bad decisions the affected party has made. But really, shouldn't we blame our political leaders instead for not accepting this war on poverty? After all, aren't they the ones that pass the laws for increases in minimum wage? Yes, we as citizens must put in effort to make our voices heard about this great injustice, but in the end, the ones voting hold the power to change the wage.

Working For the Few: 85 Rich People Hoard As Much Wealth As 3.5 Billion Poor People, And the Power That Goes With It

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As the rich and powerful attending the World Economic Forum summit enjoy their sleek stay in Davos - Private helipad! Alpine spa! Cigar lounge! - let's hope some maverick pulls out a copy of Monday's appalling Oxfam report showing that the richest 85 people on the globe (a number, it's been pointed out, that could fit in a double-decker bus) control as much wealth as the poorest half of the world's population. Even more alarmingly, the report documents a growing "opportunity capture" as the rich wield ever-greater political influence to skew policies - deregulation, tax laws, cuts in public services - that ensure the trend continues.

The Millionaires' Congress vs. The People

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In short, the world in which our "representatives" live is light years from where the majority of people live, and the divide between the governors and the governees is especially stark for the 40 percent of people whose net worth is zero (or, technically, less than zero, since their income and other assets are far exceeded by their debts). This widening chasm is not just a matter of wealth, but most significantly a literal separation of the privileged few from the experiences, needs and aspirations of the many who're struggling to make ends meet and worried that opportunities for their children to get ahead are no longer available to them.

Geoengineering Global Cooling: 'Insane, Utterly Mad and Delusional'

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The scariest thing about this proposition is that models suggest that many of the people who could well be most harmed by these technologies are already disproportionately vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Imagine this: North America decides to send sulfur into the stratosphere to reduce the intensity of the sun, in the hopes of saving its corn crops — despite the real possibility of triggering droughts in Asia and Africa. In short, geoengineering would give us (or some of us) the power to exile huge swaths of humanity to sacrifice zones with a virtual flip of the switch.

America’s Invisible and Costly Human Rights Crisis - by Ralph Nader

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For-profit corporate-owned prisons like solitary confinement because it extends a prisoners’ sentence. It is also far more expensive to keep prisoners in solitary confinement—one study estimates that the average cost of housing an inmate in a supermax prison is $75,000, as opposed to $25,000 per cell in a regular state prison. This cost is passed along to taxpayers.

Fear is Why Workers in Red States Vote Against Their Economic Self-Interest

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Last week’s massive spill of the toxic chemical MCHM into West Virginia’s Elk River illustrates another benefit to the business class of high unemployment, economic insecurity, and a safety-net shot through with holes. Not only are employees eager to accept whatever job they can get. They are also also unwilling to demand healthy and safe environments.

Cheating, Gambling, Ecstasy, Drunken Benders and Other (Kinda WTF) Nuclear Scandals

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The Air Force says it is "relatively confident" the cheating ring didn't extend beyond the 34, except there may be 37, with another 17 who knew about it but didn't report it, and another 200 who had their certifications yanked just in case and will have to retake the test, but now their behavior has been deemed “absolutely unacceptable" in a program with the capacity to wipe out civilization, such as it is, that's expected to cost upwards of $355 billion during the next decade. But it's all good. "Very importantly, I want you to know that this was a failure of some of our airmen. It was not a failure of the nuclear mission.”

Where $300 Million Of Our Money Went Wednesday - Hint: Not Education

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Our current military budget is said to be larger than the next largest 29 countries' military budgets combined, so bloated that even the Washington Post calls it "staggering" and so much more than our old ally the U.K. that Robert Gates warned this week they may no longer be able to play with the big boys/guns if they keep cutting their defense budget. One must ask, again, how much is enough? Especially given that credit unions are now offering low-interest classroom supply loans to desperate teachers trying to buy erasers and paper within a school budget decimated to make way get the picture. With an array of appalling facts, charts and graphs to illustrate the many other socially useful purposes to which our current blood money could be put.

Wisconsin GOP Reject God's Suggestion We Rest on 7th Day

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Now that Koch Bros. stand-in Scott Walker's anti-labor policies have successfully tanked Wisconsin's economy - it ranks 49th, with wages falling at twice the national rate and job creation plummeting from 11th to 44th place - his GOP colleagues have come up with yet another ingenious idea. Reportedly at the urging of the state's largest business group, Sen. Glenn Grothman, who has earlier proposed easing child labor laws and eliminating Martin Luther King Day, wants to amend state law to offer workers a "voluntary" seven-day work week; current Wisconsin law requires employers to give workers at least 24 hours off every seven days, a requirement Grothman calls "goofy," adding that he doesn't know why Democrats or anyone else would oppose a win-win idea that's a matter of "freedom."

Prominent Economists Endorse $10.10 Minimum Wage

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“Let’s be clear: our federal minimum wage of just $7.25, which has not budged in more than four years, is now a poverty wage. No American who works a full-time job should have to struggle to put food on the table or pay the bills,” said Harkin, who is Chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. “All around the country, we’re seeing the impact of growing income inequality and stagnant wages on millions of American families. Raising the minimum wage will help narrow the income gap and enable millions of low-wage working Americans to make ends meet.

The Supreme Court Denies Family Farmers the Right to Self-Defense from Monsanto Abuse

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“The Supreme Court failed to grasp the extreme predicament family farmers find themselves in,” said Maine organic seed farmer Jim Gerritsen, President of lead plaintiff OSGATA. “The Court of Appeals agreed our case had merit. However, the safeguards they ordered are insufficient to protect our farms and our families. This high court which gave corporations the ability to patent life forms in 1980, and under Citizens United in 2010 gave corporations the power to buy their way to election victories, has now in 2014 denied farmers the basic right of protecting themselves from the notorious patent bully Monsanto,” Gerritsen said.

Ten Examples of Welfare for the Rich and Corporations

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Here are the top ten examples of corporate welfare and welfare for the rich. There are actually thousands of tax breaks and subsidies for the rich and corporations provided by federal, state and local governments but these ten will give a taste.

The secret SLAVES in our curry houses: Lured to our shores with promises of riches - then double-crossed by bosses who trap them in a twilight of poverty and fear

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To millions of migrants, Britain is a land of plenty - but, once here, many are brutally maltreated by their own countrymen. On Saturday, we told how gangmasters savagely exploited Eastern Europeans. Today, we reveal the shocking treatment of some workers in curry restaurants... If everyone had enough to live, no one could be exploited any longer.

Elephants Pushed Toward Extinction thanks to Ivory Trade to US and China

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Elephant ivory is fashioned into intricately carved statues, jewelry and religious icons, which are in demand worldwide, but especially prized in East Asia and the Philippines—a $7 billion to $10 billion a year business. Most ivory is processed in China, but a lot of the carving is now being done in Africa itself, particularly in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The prime subject for African carvers, ironically enough, is elephants. Ivory elephants may already outnumber the living creatures, which are being killed at the unsustainable rate of 35,000 per year.

Energy Firm First Utility's Helpful Tips To Those Struggling To Pay Bills? 'Share A Shower And Stop Drinking Tea'

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Britain’s biggest independent energy firm, with 120,000 customers, suggested: “Stick to a low-usage energy plan on fast days, then use what you like on the other five and you could save an average of £154 a year.” The company, which charges an average £1,120 for dual fuel each year, advised customers: “Shower together. It can save you £34 a year – just ask permission from the other person first!” First Utility also proposed that customers “opt for an early night”: “Putting out the lights and turning off the box can save you £18 a year – and it could be lots of fun.” But Shadow Energy minister Tom Greatrex said the advice was an “insult” to millions of people struggling to pay their bills.

Blogs Education and Solutions

The Delusion of ‘Representative’ Democracy

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What is “Representative” Democracy doing in the age of communications/information technology? It’s like having all of our most important decisions, phone calls and emails transferred to people who we’ve never even met but we voted or abstained from voting for them or their opponents to represent us because somewhere along the lines of cultural teachings or indoctrination we came to believe that this was the system of Democracy, the right to participate at various levels of “the process of deciding which few will be granted the rights to make the actual decisions.”

Italy wins Oscar for Best Foreign Movie

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There would be a way to right the wrong we have done so far, it would be to stop all deception about Money, yes it doesn’t buy you happiness, maybe the secret message of this movie was this, don’t envy the rich, they are as fucked as you, and this is possibly true, but they are fucked with food in their plates and a roof over their heads and many choices about their healthcare and the education of their children, so if the movie was about dismissing wealth as the source of happiness we can agree, but we can’t dismiss Poverty equally as the source of Misery – and for that Misery we can do something, we can give to every living being enough to live, recognize their right to Life and once all of us will be fed, housed and clothed we’ll have time to look at our minds and right what’s wrong up there, because safe and sound minds would not have created a world such as this or excuses called Beauty to justify the Ugly we don’t want to look at and correct once and for all.

The Skills We Need to Change the World

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A Living Income perspective on education is that learning is about expanding and exploring oneself, alone and together with others – teaching is about standing as a living example, not a regurgitator of indoctrinating brainwash that only has the purpose of creating stupid obedient consumer slaves.

Where Will Following China’s Example Lead Us?

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We need a new highest common denominator and to implement such a new highest standard in our society we must change our priorities. We must realize that the economy is a man-made constructed system and as such it can be changed. It is not innately optimal simply because that’s the system we have come up with. We must view the economy holistically in context to how all of society benefits from the way it is structured, academically as well as socially and certainly also on a physical level. We can learn from nature’s eco-systems where all parts support each other so that each part is supported and a balance is maintained. It is so simple and yet it is so advanced – making us as humans look barbaric and archaic in resembles.

Child Safety and Living Income Guaranteed

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Providing a Living Income Guaranteed is a logical move forward to address child mortality stemming from any form of lack which could have been prevented if the necessary means had been present in a household. This is the most pro-active approach within which we as a society can promote child safety and well-being.

The Power of an Idea

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The Living Income Guaranteed is a huge SIGH of RELIEF for humanity. Nothing requires to be ‘overthrown’; there is no call for revolution; no ideological manifestos: just the application of common sense and decency within a small adjustment to the paradigm/system of the world we live in today. The Living Income Guaranteed is guaranteed to succeed because it is the antidote to our collective ill. It is the homeopathic dose of monetary medicine that will cure systemic poverty and human degradation. Like will cure like.

Where Does Money Come From?

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We tend to take the things most visible and obvious for granted and one of these things that very few people do understand properly yet that they are still in contact with on a daily basis is money. We all need money, we all work for money, and we are all dependent on money for our survival – but what is money? Where does money come from?

Are Longer School Days in the Best Interest of Our Children?

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Longer school days may or may not be a good idea. As a teacher I cannot even genuinely consider whether it is one or the other. Because my perspective doesn’t matter. Your child’s perspective doesn’t matter. We are here to be soldiers in an economic warfare – a warfare that might be delusional at an absolute level – but that has real casualties and consequences in our children’s lives. It is the duty of us as parents who care about our children’s wellbeing to take responsibility for making sure that this perspective is not lost in the battled for global economic dominance. If we are not satisfied being pawns in a game of numbers, if we do not want our children to be pawns in a game of numbers – it is up to us to start supporting political solutions that radically change how we view children.

A Political Awakening of the Young Generation or a Return to 1950′s Survival Strategies?

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It is the first time in history that the young people coming into the world are facing a situation that is worse than their parents – and this can only mean one thing: that the older generations do not have our best interests at heart. Therefore it is up to us to ensure a change in paradigms. The good thing about all of this is that young people aren’t as stuck in their ways as the older generations. And this means that we’ve actually got a shot at establishing a new and improved way of living together on earth – if we pull our resources together and stand united in the aim of making sure that our children do not have to face a world that is worse off.

To Demand Change or to Create Solutions for Change?

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If we Demand change to the current political powers: it won’t work, it won’t happen. No current ‘government’ – as it currently exists mostly guarding the interests of a minority – sees the benefit of providing money to people to simply consume, buy and not have any motive to support back/give back to the economy in any way to make the system functional as it is now – this is considering that the system does work, it just doesn’t work to benefit everyone. This premise according to what Basic Income is as a ‘regular unconditional payment given to all’ misses out a key aspect of our ability to decide how things can work to benefit everyone – this includes understanding what Real Democracy implies as our individual responsibility and participation in the system to make informed decisions, to become active participants in how we manage our resources, our lives

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Living Income Guaranteed – How does it all come together?

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We have in today’s world utterly failed to deliver equal pay for equal work that is proven by the very existence of the corporative tactic of outsourcing production to third world countries. It is clear that in order to fulfill our obligations towards humanity as a whole we require a social economic structure that makes sure all have access to their basic needs wherein employment and right to have a living wage is one of them. The Living Income Guaranteed will yet again revive the economy and produce countless opportunities for employment. In addition, the Living Income Guaranteed will make sure that the salary is not allowed to be less than a minimum amount making sure that all can create a life for themselves that is dignified and enjoyable.

En Livsinkomst Garanterar Företagsvinster

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För att den Garanterade Livsinkomsten ska fungera behöver vi en ekonomisk modell som är effektiv och följer mycket specifika regler. Precis som man reglerar livsmedel och certifierar det som "säkert för konsumtion", måste vi tillämpa samma princip och certifiera företag som "säkra för ekonomin". Utifrån detta måste man inrätta metoder för att se till att företag inte bygger på ideologi konkurrens, utan snarare på principen om vinst och kvalitet.

The Secret of Modern Day Imperialism

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The reality is that America and Europe since long have been using organizations such as the UN to cover up their true imperialist ambitions – utilizing pretty words and fluffy terms such as the “Security Council”, “Democracy”, “Freedom”, “Solidarity” and “Human Rights” to hide the reality of their actions. The indisputable truth is the America and Europe have waged a systematic war against less fortunate nations in order to gain power and influence, in order to have access to resources, and in this NO considerations whatsoever have been given to the people of these targeted nations and the suffering that they have gone through in order to make some very few elitists disgustingly wealthy.

Ukraine – Just Changing Masters.

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Even in what we believe is a choice to rise, there is plenty manipulation going on and some that are benefiting while some die. Violence can never be a solution, look at history, we had plenty violence and no significant system change, just changes in Masters.

答客問: 我們會怎樣實行 LIG?

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問: 我們會怎樣實行 LIG? 我意思是, 所有的政治家似乎都只在乎自己的利益和政治前途, 多於想建立一個能夠真正帶出改變的系統, 要能夠進入政治的圈子裏, 走到一個有權力和有影響力的位置, 如果得不到大企業的金錢上支持, 似乎昰無可能的事 - 所以我們怎樣才能夠實際和有效地實行 LIG呢?

LebensEinkommen Garantiert und Tierrechte

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Tierrechte sind ein sehr umstrittenes Thema, denn in einer Welt, in der es keine Menschenrechte gibt, sind Tierrechte nicht als Vorsorgemaßnahmen definiert, sondern eher als Spätfolgen-Maßnahmen angesehen, sie stellen ein direktes Ergebnis unseres Versagens dar, einander als Individuen zu helfen und zu unterstützen.

Is your Hourly Wage actually Less than What you Thought?

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Once the taxes are removed and you are given your paycheck, the total hourly wage you are ACTUALLY "making", or is for you to support your life, is now at $6.69 an hour (535.63/80 hours). What this means is that after all is said and done, you are making lower than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, which is apparently set as a standard to ensure a minimum wage for all workers in the US. Yet we can clearly see here that we are not actually making that amount - we are making 56 cents less than that amount. One might say that is nothing to gripe about, yet it all adds up.

Living Income Guaranteed and Personal Debt

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Everyone is darn friendly, respectful, helpful when you’re paying your bills. But beware, if you become a debtor, love and goodwill get turned on their head. Even those who ‘love’ you can quickly turn against you if you ‘owe’ them money and are unable to pay. Apparently, this is acceptable-to abandon- because there is money owed to you.

Debt Fueled Economy

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Because one of the major issues with our current economy is DEBT and how almost all money that circulates is DEBT. This have the consequence of placing massive strain on the people involved as there just never seems to be enough money to go around, never seems to be sufficient with money to build one’s life and all the time seems to be to much DEBT. Thus, consider how our life’s could change if we take control of the money supplies, if we nationalize the banks and make sure that the money inserted into the economy are without debt.


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人類經常當考慮到經濟時, 本能地立刻會說: "經濟對我來說真是太複雜了!" 有趣的是, 事實上經濟完全並不是那麼複雜的. 讓我們看看經濟, 它骨子裏究竟是什麼 - 它是商品與服務的交換 - 它是關於你有一些東西是我想得到的, 我給你 "金錢"以換取那件東西. 這真的就是經濟的要點 - 我 "給"你金錢, 然後我相應地 "獲得"我想得到的東西.

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